Chapter 13 ~ Date

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Landon stepped between us unlocking the door. "So who's your friend?"

"I'm Hayley," Hayley introduced herself. 

Landon finished unlocking the door, and held it open smirking. "You might want to change first though?"

We looked down at ourselves and groaned. 


I finished having a shower and I decided to let my hair dry naturally. As I sat on my bed flicking through some old magazines I reflected on the earlier events of this morning. After we managed to change in our clothes which had dried we rushed over to Hayley's house were we quickly explained  (made up lies) as to the misunderstanding. Then she hurried off to ice-skating and I went home. Dad was sober which was surprising, but it also meant he was pretty unresponsive and depressed. 

For the day, I was pretty undecided. Usually on a Saturday, I would do some homework or go on a long walk, or bike ride. I didn't really have many friends, the only one I met up with was Hayley, so when she was busy (like today) as sad as it was, I had nothing to do.

My mind wandered over to Walter. The last time I'd saw him, he was asleep on a bunch of beanbags half his body on Gomez's back and his hair messy and dark. 

I got up off my bed, and went downstairs to fetch some breakfast. My Dad was sitting at the table, a blank look on his face as he stared at his hands.

"Hi Dad."


"Do you want some breakfast Dad?"


"You sure?"

Same reaction. In fact, sometimes I preferred it when my father was least then he would talk to me. Even if he was insulting me.

I ate quickly, and hopped back upstairs. Might as well get started on my homework I thought, I did have the whole day.


Half way through my Maths homework, I got a text. It wasn't important, one of those messages from your network about competitions or something. What I noticed was that I had received a text from Walter almost a whole hour ago! What if he thought I was ignoring him!! I quickly opened the message and it read:

hey. what u up to?

I was so happy! But should I really say that I was doing homework on a Saturday afternoon? It would make me sound like a loner. Which I kinda was when Hayley wasn't around. I decided to reply:

Not much, you?

That way, I wouldn't be giving much away. 

He replied five minutes later asking if I could help him with a maths question. Awww, he too was doing homework! And he wanted my help!

I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to explain it to him, but he hadn't been to school is such a long time, he didn't know the methods I was trying to help him with, so I offered to meet up and help that way. He wanted to come to mine, just out of politeness, as he was the one who needed to help, but I disagreed. 

b there in a bit

I sent him, then I gathered my maths texts books and my own homework. As well as my calculator and pencil case. I had only just been there this morning, but I was eager to see him again.  


"Do you get it now?" I asked after my second explanation. 

Walter stared at the page a while longer, then nodded. "Yeah, no joke. You're good at explaining things."

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