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Alessandra got out of her car as Dylan walked back over to her. "What's up?"

She held up her phone. "I don't recognize this number. Should I let it go to voicemail?"

Dylan shook his head. "Go ahead and answer. Put it on speaker."

Alessandra held the phone away from her. Heavy breathing greeted her. She exchanged a look with Dylan and then said,

"Who's this?"

After a few more seconds of silence, a gravelly, monotone voice said, "I've missed you, my dear."

"Who the hell are you?" Dylan asked. "We've got a trace on this."

"No need for that," the voice said. "I'm looking at my girl's beautiful black sheets as we speak."

Alessandra gasped and her stomach dropped. "He's in my room."

Dylan was already in action. He dialed his phone while he responded on Alessandra's. "We're on our way, asshole!"

"Too late," the voice replied. "I'll be gone by then."

With a click, the line went dead.

"I have to go," Alessandra got in her car and started it.

"You're not going alone," Dylan said with a frown. He finished his conversation and ran toward the parking garage.

"Fine," Alessandra responded in annoyance even though he didn't hear her.

She was relieved.

Once he pulled his truck up behind her, he followed Alessandra to her condo complex. She put in the gate code and drove until she got to her house—third one on the left. Now she felt shaky and sick as she parked in her driveway. What had this intruder done? An unmarked car pulled up to the curb followed by a Chicago PD cruiser.

Detective Healey got out of the car and walked over to them. After a quick greeting, she and Dylan walked around the outside while Alessandra stayed with an officer who took her statement. She was glad for the chill and looked up at the cloudy sky. Nearly twenty minutes later they came back around.

"Nothing out of the ordinary except for a missing screen and broken window," Healey said.

"I'll go and dust for prints." Alessandra went to her trunk to get her kit.

"That won't be necessary." Healey placed an arm on her shoulder. "I've already got two techs coming out."

Alessandra's shoulders slumped and she leaned against her car. She hated being helpless. Something had to be done to stop this guy.

"We're going inside," Healey said.

Alessandra jumped up immediately. "I'm coming with you."

"You'll only contaminate the scene." Dylan drew his gun.

So? "You have a problem? Then arrest me. But you won't stop me from going inside my own damn house. I know not to mess up anything!"

She folded her arms while Healey and Dylan looked at each other. Dylan finally scratched his jaw. Good. She had him. "Not like I can stop you even if it is stupid. At least let me clear the place first."

Alessandra paced while she waited. She knew rushing in wasn't the best idea but she needed to get inside. She could deal with this guy. She didn't have a gun and take self defense classes for nothing. He was gone anyway. It wasn't like she was running right into danger.

What would she find? What exactly had he touched besides her bed? The knot in her stomach grew and her throat went dry. Why was he doing this? She looked up to see Dylan returning.

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