First fight

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Spencer: You and Spencer just got home from work and you had almost got hit by a car by the unsub. When you had found out who the unsub was you saw he was about to run over a little girl. You had jumped in front of the car to save here and you almost got hit. You had a sprained wrist and a cut from your elbow stopping just below your shoulder and a broken rib. Spencer was worried but you brushed it off. You hadn't talked since then.
"You almost died." Spencer was the first to break the silence.
"I was saving a little girl Spence."
"But you almost died."
"It's part of the job if you haven't noticed."
He runs a hand threw his hair and you went over to the couch.
"But it's like that on every case."
"Because I see an opportunity and take it."
You turn to him.
"Because I'm not going to let someone else die because of a sick bastard that's why!!" You wince at the pain in your chest.
"But you almost die in the process! You get seriously injured every time!!"
"Sorry for doing my job!"
"I am too."
It goes silent and you go and lock yourself in the bedroom leaving Spencer the couch.

Derek: Before you and Derek starting dating you were best friends with Spencer. You had been hanging out with Spencer for the last few days and Derek didn't like it, at all. You had just gotten back from the book store because you heard the book you wanted came out and went and bought it. You saw Derek sitting in the couch and walk into the kitchen.
"So how was your day?"
You hear him say,
"Fine yours?"
"Fine, I see you've been spending time with pretty boy." You walk into the living room and look at him.
You look at him shocked.
"Ya no, I'm not going to stop hanging out with Spencer because you tell me too."
"But if he tells you to do something you will."
"If it's important then yes I would to the same thing to you."
He scoffs and walks way.You grab your book and walk to the door.
"Where you going."
"None of your business"
You walk out slamming the door and go to Penelope's.

Aaron: It was late and Jack was already in bed. You'd had a rough day with a set of twins you were babysitting and on top of that you found out that your parents were getting divorced. So it was a bad day. You hear a car door slam and you know it's Aaron. Your sitting on the couch texting your friend and you hear the door slam. You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose and head to the door. You see Aaron putting his stuff down and you cross your arms over your chest.
"Can you not slam the door Jack's sleeping."
He hums in response and you roll eyes and go back to the couch. You pick up your phone and go back to texting (F/n).
"You didn't call me or text me to let me know you were fine today."
You sigh and put your phone down. You had an agreement to call or text to let each other know you weren't hurt or anything. You put your face in your hands and take a deep breath.
"It was a bad day today and I forgot."
"You still should have texted me."
You growl and look at him.
"What's your deal?!" You whisper/yell
"What's my deal? I find killers for a living!! So sorry if I'm not in a very good mood! Your job isn't that bad."
It goes silent and you shake your head.
"My jobs just as bad. I have to think about the kids first if we get a break in. Then they don't listen and throw things and break things! My job is just as bad."
"Then quite!"
"I can't!"
"Why not?!"
"Because people need me too Aaron! I can't just leave!"
You noticed your both now yelling and cringe when you hear Jack walk into the room.
"Please stop fighting."
You sigh and walk over to Jack and pick him up.
"Sorry buddy."
He nods and buries his face in your neck falling back asleep.
"I'm sleeping on the couch tonight."
With that you take Jack back to bed.

David: You got a new job as a teacher and there was a rumor going around that you were sleeping with one of your students. You had to explain to the principle you weren't and the kid helped with that. When you got home and David didn't look happy.
"What's this about people saying your sleeping around with one of your students?"
"I'm not some kid was just mad."
"Oh really?"
"Ya really."
You go to your shared room and start changing from your work clothes.
"Then why are you always home late?"
"Because of my paper work Dave."
"It takes till 2 in the morning to do paper work?"
"You should know with you having to do it!"
"Why are you lying?!"
"I'm not lying!!"
It goes silent and you scoff.
"You don't believe me do you."
"Ya I don't."
You move past him and head to the door.
"Where are you going?"
With that you leave slamming the door.
Yay!!! It's done sorry I'm just a reject that it took so long to get out though. Oh and I made Firefly preferences so if you like Firefly check it out!!
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