Chapter five

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Demoni's POV

"Pa wake up it's ya birthday" I heard a voice say making me slowly open my eyes

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"Pa wake up it's ya birthday" I heard a voice say making me slowly open my eyes

"Huh?" I said looking around

"Wake up" said Dave,I sat up slowly,looking at him  and then around my room to see a bunch of bags and shoe boxes

"Let's go take a bath" he said picking me up

"Bruh I'm tired of all these gifts" I said softly,smiling up at him

"Boy shut yo mouth,you know ion give a fuck bout nun uh that shit" he said in a sassy female voice

"Nigga hush and let's get in the shower" I said laughing,he smiled and carried us in
Letting me step under the shower head
While he got in after me

I looked down and saw his morning wood and then looked back at him

"Daddy" I said

"Hmm?" He hummed letting me know he's listening

"I wanna do something,yes I know I'm still young and you don't want me to feel like you're using me (cause certain readers think it's rape...bitch fuck you an yo grandma..a whole fuckin story you vex over) but I really wanna try it" I said looking up at him to see him already looking at me cause I paused for a minute

"Oh yea baby?...what's that?" He asked

I got down on my knees infront of him and kissed his dick
His eyes widened and he pulled away from me with confusion on his face

"Pretty boy you know we can't do this yet,don't you wanna wait till you're a bit older?" He asked me softly,caressing my face

I got a bit sad but kinda understood where he was coming from

"I mean yea,but I just feel the need to
Like,I'm craving you" I said looking down

"Look at me when you talkin to me" he said raising my head up to look at him

"I be craving you too,but we gotta control ourselves mama" he continued

He saw the tears coming to my eyes and wiped them away, "you know ion like seeing you cry baby
Cut it out
One day you'll get the chance to..alright?" She said softly
I nodded and turned around to wash my body off

I was really horny but since he couldn't help me,guess amma help myself out when I'm outta here

We got plans till later in the afternoon and it's like, 8:00 rn
So I got time to do whatever I want.

"Hurry up baby,I wanna lay down with you" he said kissing my ears

(Time skip)

Dave had went to get me some snacks from the corner store and I'm here playing with myself,without permission.

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