Chapter 1

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Austin's POV..............

Here I was, I was waiting for my bride at the end of the walk way. How did I get here? you might ask, That's a great question, why don't I tell you............

6 years before Auslly............

I was walking through the mall, knowing that if I got caught here by other Moon's I would get into a lot of trouble.I know what your probably thinking, Why would you get into trouble? Well Dawson's live here and that's a huge problem, My family HATE'S the Dawson's, but I don't know why. I think it's ridiculous, I mean the Dawson's can't be that bad. Did they do something so horrible that they cannot be forgiven? I started getting tired so I decided to start walking home, but something caught my eye. It was a store called Sonic Boom, It was a store filled with MUSIC! I walked inside and looked at the CD's, but suddenly while I was looking through the CD's A bunch of other CD's fell on top of me, and I fell on the floor. I a girl gasped and ran to me, "Oh my goodness are you ok?" she asks while she helps me up off the floor

"Yes, I'm fine" I reply, I felt something dripping on my head, I thought it was just water. So I touched it, but it wasn't Water, it was blood that was coming out of my head from a cut. The girl gasped again

"Oh my, I'm so sorry. Let me clean it for you" she says sweetly. She grabs my hand, takes me up the store's stairs, and takes me to a room. She takes me to a couch and tells me to sit. When she gets the cleaning supplies she walks up to me and start to clean the cut. "I'm really sorry" she says again

"There's no reason to be sorry about It was an accident," I reply while staring at her beautiful face "what's you name?" I ask

"Ally,"she replies with a smile "what is yours?" she asks

"Austin" I say

"I haven't seen you around here......"she replies while looking at my cut

"That's because I'm a Moon......" I say waiting to see her reaction, but she didn't have a reaction at all.

"Awesome I'm a Dawson," she said with a smile "I'm finished with the cut, you just need to clean it every day so It doesn't get an affection." I look at her in confusion,

"Ally why are you being so nice?" I ask her "I'm a Moon"

"It doesn't matter if your a Moon or a Dawson, you are still a human being. You didn't do anything......" she replies while putting the stuff away. I walk up to her and look at her in the eyes. We stare at each other for a couple of minutes, but it felt like it was hours. We were leaning in, but someone burst through the door..................

End of Austin's POV..........................

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