Your royalty

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Louis' pov

I woke up the next morning with Hannah wrapped in my arms. I would love to wake up like this every morning. I looked out the window. That's when I saw a shadow dash by. Huh? That couldn't have been. Was it a person?

"Louis what's wrong?" I heard Hannah ask. I looked over to notice she was awake and watching me.

"Um nothing much." I stuttered.

"Something is obviously wrong tell me." She said sitting up a little.

"Well." I said. "I was looking outside and I saw a shadow of something."

"Wow." She said putting her thinking face on." Maybe it was just a car going by."

"Yeah proably but let's not think about it." I said kissing her." Hey I know let's prank the others."

"Ok I shall get the supplies." She said before jumping up.

"Alright." A few minutes later she walked back in.

"I got silly string, markers,and some other stuffs." She said smiling.

"Thats cool." I said jumping up." You go get a pot of water."

"Uh why?" She asked.

"Cause it's gonna be funny now go my peasant!" I screeched pointing towards her kitchen.

"Excuse you.?" She asked.

"I'm sorry please your royalty will you get me a pot of water." I asked her.

"Why of course." Hannah spoke walking away.

I rolled my eyes grabbing the horn out of the bag. I grabbed some string and strung it around the horn and the side of the pot. The other side was attached to a door. As soon as I pressed the horn button the water would pour over all of them.

(Question this in the comments and I know my friends will but I dont care I got bored and my awesome imagination says that this will work so it shall be.) READ ON MY PEASANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ok so now you can help me draw on their faces and we shall be done." I said. Yeah worst prank ever.

"Why would we just draw on their faces?" She asked.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Hair dye." She said pulling it out of her pocket. As I wrote all of there faces Hannah began to dye their hair neon colors.


Liam's looked the funniest since it was rainbow and the dye stays in for a week before it washes out. This is gonna be great.

"Ready to blow the horn." I asked.

"Always." She said. We both wrapped our hands around the horn and we pressed it.

"Ahh." They all screamed when the water was poured on them. Hannah and I laughed so hard both of our faces were red.

"Thanks now while you two laugh about this we have to go change." Liam said before all of them dashed up the stairs. What was even funnier was that he was serious with rainbow hair. And it was funny.

"Now let's go hide because I know we are going to be killed." Hannah said.

Hannah's pov

Ok admit if you seen an angry british man being serious with rainbow hair you would laugh too. So therefore it is funny and you know you are laughing right now. I grabbed Louis' hand as we darted elsewhere before the others came down.

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