Vampire (NSFW)

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You are a vampire

You got thirsty for blood and now here you are, straddling your boyfriend's lap, sucking on his shoulder.

He bit his lip, seeing how his blood was covering your mouth. (this mf thought it was very sexy).

He squeezed your ass with one hand and then slowly started to remove your shorts by its waistband.

Your shorts weren't fully removed though, since you were still sitting on his lap. It was off just enough to expose your very smexy ass.

He then puts 2 of his fingers in his mouth because he couldn't put it in yours since you were busy sucking him off (😏).

He then inserts those fingers in... your.. hole.. ahah.. to loosen you up.

With the sudden feeling of something inside you, you bit on his shoulder harder.

You felt very bad about what you did but this only turned him on even more..

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