What i've done.

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hey guys this is my first short story!! please rate, post comments, become a fan!!  i really want to do something big and wattpad is my only available portal!

anyways this story is purely fictional and has nothing to do with the real events that have taken place!


your barney stinson lover, 

zahabiya! (yes thats my name!)


He saw the car drive away in the distance, another satisfied customer. Yes, Mr Arnold Travestor thought he was the best mechanic and car cleaner in the world, even though all he had was a little shop on the freeway. The car he repaired was driven by a teenage boy.  He did not like teenagers too much, too noisy and ill-behaved, he was the usual hypocrite, since he was jailed for robbery twice during his teenage years!

He went back into the shop and saw the residue from the car. The boy who owned it had asked him to clean up the car and Arnold took his job very seriously. He found beer bottles, lots of newspapers and even a packet of condoms! That sight did plaster a huge grin on his face.

Then he found a folder. Curiosity took over him and he opened it. it has some papers with drawings on them, a lot of arrows pointing towards a building. The building was none other than the world trade center.  He had to go there some days later to finish off some work. 

He started glancing through the papers more properly now. His hands started trembling when he read about the monstrosity of the idea's which were supposed to take place. Since he was a normal dim-witted man, all he did was to call up the sheriff. An hour later a fat man turned up stating that he was the sheriff. 

Arnold showed him the papers and the sheriffs eyes widened. 

"Where did you fid this?" the sheriff asked Arnold.

"i was repairing a car,  it belonged to some teenagers, the boy asked me to clean it up a bit, empty the mess you know! I found this folder and there was all this shit written in it." Arnold said

"Let me get an ID on those kids. I will contact you within an hour okay." The sheriff said taking leave.

After an hour he came back. 

"The car belonged to the parents of the boy, his name is Jackson Morgan. No criminal track record. Pretty smart kid too. Checked up with the school, says he is clean. My guess is that this is some sort of prank. Must have come into your hands, nothing to fear i guess. Have a good day!" saying this the sheriff left.

The sheriff reached home late at night and wondered if all this was for real. but it could not be, why would someone want to do something like that anyway. Stupid teenagers was all he could conjure up in his highly imaginative mind. 

The mechanic on the other hand was more worried. He knew that the sheriff was a very lazy man. Everyone who lived here would agree on that. But those disturbing ideas were something different. Any normal teenager would not be able to think so deeply. And revenge? What sort of revenge was this? It took him long time to go to sleep. 

After a few days he forgot about it. He had not mentioned this to his wife either, she anyways thought he was a bit crazy.

Then came the morning of September 9, 2001. The mechanic had to go to the world trade center. He felt very lazy to go but his wife made him.

He had just entered the building when the screaming started. People were running helter-skelter. He ran along with them but fell down and was crushed in the stampede. Two days later his wife was given a confirmation of her husbands death. 

The sheriff was lounging on the porch when his wife cme out screaming that some aircrafts had crashed into the world trade center. His eyes got wide and realization struck him.

That night he left home, knowing that his conscience would never let him live in peace. Deep down he knew he could have prevented this. On the next day his body was found, he had shot himself at point blank.                     


okay guys tell me what you thought about this!!!

its pretty short but well it is a short story!!                          

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