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Chapter 10 ........

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"GUYS! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Kris yelled. then we both stopped.

"Cha-" I was about to say Chanyeol but Kris yelled to tell me to get off.

"GET OFF!" Kris yelled. I was still on chanyeol.

"You heard him, get off!" Chanyeol yelled. ugh all of this yelling hurts my head ><.

"Okay okay!" Then I got off.

"Now, what happened in here?" Suho asked. "Baekhyun tell me first".

"Ah well, Jayu told me that Chanyeol was yelling at her and such and made her really sad. then, I wanted to go handle Chanyeol and sort of trying to tell him to apologize I guess." I explained.

"Is that true chan?" Suho asked.

"A-ah......" Chan was speechless.

"Yes or no?" Kris asked.

"Yes hyung." Chan replied.

"Okay then. that's all you had to say chanyeol. don't make things so difficult." Kris said.

"Hahaha!" I said while laughing.

"Hush bacon!!" Chanyeol said.

"ITS BAEKHYUN! NOT BACON!" I started to yell as loud as I can.

"Shhhh." suho said.

"Oh wow guys. lets go suho. baekhyunnie.... get out of Chans room." Kris said and we started to leave.



Hmmm, how can I beat this level? .~. I asked myself while playing this game on Xbox. then, Luhan came in the livingroom.

"Awww, you need help?" Luhan asked

"Uhh, a little. I don't know how to pass this level ><" I said.

"Oh let me see it really quickly."


"Hmmmm, bam! Done!"

"Waah! Hannie, how did you?-"

"It's called skills my love" he said and kissed me on my head.

"Yah!! Oppa!! Are you saying I don't have skills?" I asked

"Umm pretty much haha. I'm kidding beautiful. you have great skills okay?" Luhan said.

"Hm okay" I said.


Everyone is going to sleep but me. I'm in my room just laying down and facing the ceiling. Then I heard a knock.

*knock knock*

"Uh who is it?" I asked

"It's me, chanyeol."

"Ara. come in"

He came in and shut the door behind him. The only light that was on was my lamp.

"Can I talk to you?" Chan asked.

"Uh sure. you can on my bed if you want. I'm just here laying down right here." I said but he didn't want to sit down yet. he wanted me to stand up face to face with him.

"No, it's okay. I want you to stand in front of me right here so you can understand me clearly." he said. And I was clueless so I got up and stand in front of him speechless.

"Now what?"^^ I asked.

"Don't speak, I want you to listen clearly and don't speak at all." he said

"Okay...." I said


Okay! That's the end of chapter 10!
What is Chanyeol going to do to Jayu? Find out next!

<3 sorry for late

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