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Chapter 1

The growing fear in my gut was a clear sign that I should run, but my legs wouldn't budge. My heart rapidly thumped against my rib cage, and my hands began to sweat. As I thought of the many ways to escape a situation like this, I kept taking small steps backwards, and he kept taking small steps towards me. His dark brown hair was flat across his head, and his brown eyes shimmered as the moon reflected off of them. A grin played at the corners of his mouth, satisfied with what he was doing. I looked around, trying to find an escape, but there were only walls. Enclosing in around us, making it impossible to run. I ran so far, tried to get away after his first assault, but he chased me.

He saw me walking down the street, as I made my way to a store, and he followed me. I didn't notice him until his hand was over my mouth and his arm around my waist, dragging me off into an alley. He shoved me up against the wall, cupping my neck tightly with his right hand, the other holding down one of my arms. Stubble shadowed over his cheeks and chin, and alcohol was heavy on his breath. He let go of my arm, and felt my body for valuables. His hand traced up my arm, over my chest, down my abdomen, around my waist, and so on. His hand stopped at the edge of my bottom, but on my thigh.

"How old are you?" He slurred, his eyes looking over my body. I could see him undressing me with his eyes, and it sickened me. I kept my mouth shut, hoping he'd leave me alone. When I didn't answer, his grip around my neck tightened, and his eyes flashed up, hunger and desperation in his expression. I winced, and tried to keep calm, but fear was taking over my train of thought, and I did what any girl would do. I brought my knee right to his gut, and shoved him off, running in the opposite direction. Of course, it was really late, and barely anyone was on the streets at this time. I could hear his foot steps behind me, chasing me down the road. I didn't dare look back, for the chance of tripping over my own feet.

I thought fast and whirled down a different street, and ran as fast as my legs would let me. It kept getting darker and darker, and my legs were growing more tired with every step. I could feel him catching up, hearing his breathing get closer and heavier. I willed my feet to move faster under me, and turned again, making a huge mistake. I continued running, not knowing it would be a dead end, and a death sentence. I slowed down, coming across a brick wall on all sides. I was completely cut off from any kind of escape. I was basically screwed.

"Looks like you're mine, huh?" The man muttered behind me, breathing hard. With the little light that was available, I could make out his figure. He walked slowly towards me, and my lungs began to tighten. Panic spread through me quickly as I tried to think of another escape. Another way to be able to live.

"I belong to Jesus, not you." I said, trying to make my voice sound as witty as I could. It didn't really come out like that.

"Jess, you know you belong to me, and only me." He said stepping closer and closer to me. How did he know my name? My heart stopped and sank into the pit of my stomach, making me sick. I wanted to vomit. Just release all my fear with one easy move. That wasn't going to happen.

"How do you know my name?" I asked, my hands trembling at my sides. My mind raced with prayers and wishes to be at home and safe. To be cuddled up on the couch, a light blanket laying over me, and music playing in my ears. To not worry about living or dying. Surviving was harder than it looked in a situation like this.

"I've been around you for a while now, Jessica. Your grace caught my attention. As you paraded across the stage, elegance vibrating from your body. Your voice is perfect. You're stunning and beautiful. You're height is perfect for me, your head reaching right at my chest, and I love that about you. Your features speak so loud, I'm breathless..your reddish brown hair decorates your face perfectly. Your perfect porcelian skin, pale and smooth, can brighten any darkness. Your dark green eyes pierce right into my soul. My black soul can be purified with one look, one touch, one word.." He said, his words slurring a bit.

I laughed aloud then, fear evaporating from my body. I released a sigh of relief and hugged him. "Andrew Brett, if I ever come in contact with your mother, she will be told of your behavior." I teased, elbowing his stomach. He chuckled and ruffled my hair, spreading that heartbreaking grin across his face. He pulled a bottle of Vodka from his pocket, attempting to open the bottle. I gasped, and knocked the bottle from his hand. It shattered against the pavement, and he groaned.

"Jess! Why'd you d-do that?!" He stammered, taking a step towards the shattered glass. Being drunk never gives anyone an advantage. He stumbled over air and his face was headed for the ground. I caught him, and slid my arm around his waist, and slung his arm over my shoulder.

"That's why.." I muttered, dragging him in the direction of my house. I lived alone, so it wasn't a problem for him to crash there. He started playing with my hair, and laughing like an idiot. I giggled and slapped his hand away. He's such a dork.


"Ok, now, you know the drill. Lay down, and I'll get everything." I ordered, going to the bathroom to get a towel, rag, and a bucket. I set it next to where he was laying, and quickly went to the kitchen to grab a cup and 2 asprins. I filled the cup with water and hurried back to him. He swallowed the asprins and drank the water.

I sat in front of the couch, and flipped through the chanels. His hand draped over my shoulder, and he slept silently. Thank goodness this time he didn't vomit. He's always getting drunk and trashing my house, like it's his. My heart fluttered at the thought of that. Me living with him.. Dream come true, if he was always sober. I swatted the idea away, slipping into a sleep that was dreamless.


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