Chapter 1

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I first saw it when I was five. It was nice, gentle and fun so I named it Bryan; I'd always loved that name. It was in the garden playing with some of the butterflies and roses that mama had planted during the early summer. I was shocked to see such a creature but then it noticed me. Feeling the urge to run, I slowly began to draw my steps back, but then, the new being turned to me and smiled.                                                                                                                                                                        

 Raising itself from the green meadows, wobbling with each step, the funny-looking figure came just within arms reach to me and gave me a rather endearing pat on the head. A sudden rush of peace passed through me and I quickly found myself flustered by the act. Changing positions, my new friend headed towards the table, that father had gotten for barbecues when I was born, and gave me a parcel that was neatly packaged from within. I wasted no time in finding out its innermost contents to my highest pleasures. It was designed to fit the most tenderhearted child but of all its items, the brown colored teddy bear with a heart in the middle allured me to a griming expression.                                                                                                                           

 Pleased with this showmanship, I immediately sold out my heart to my new companion in hopes of finding a new home within it. Without dilly-dally, I gaily rushed into my home, an abode that has been my means of return for years, enlightening my mother of my newly found creature. She smiled and congratulated me on somewhat ''discovering a new sight''. Permission granted, I began to visit Bryan more often. He only stayed in the garden waiting or playing with the plants. He was fun, nice and gentle; I loved meeting Bryan. "Only if he could be there more", I hoped.                                                                                                                                                    

Pondering on my endless premonitions, I'd shut my eyes for each nightly recollection in the land far beyond my reach; a land which only my hopes could guide me into.

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