Everyone's eyes followed every move of Clyde as he coolly made his way to the center of the room with Sir Briggs beside him. He wore his famous emotionless face that makes you wonder what he's thinking up there. He's got that effect on me. Makes me wonder.

   "Guys, this is Mr. Clyde Williams and he'll be joining us from now on," Sir Briggs introduced Clyde to the class. "I'm sure you've seen him in the hallways now and then but in here, he's considered a new student. So all of you, be in your best behavior and make Mr. Williams feel welcomed." He shot the girls a knowing look and said, "I'm sure the ladies won't have a trouble adjusting." He gave a smirk.

  "Well, for the gents, go easy on him!" he smiled to the guys. The guys gave him smirks back.

  "Don't worry, I won't be a problem in here," Clyde suddenly spoke up. "I'm Clyde Williams and I'm looking forward to be working with all of you guys." He looked at the students except...me. But I could see he was trying to avoid my eye contact with him. I wonder why but I have to talk to him. He's so weird.

  "So Mr. Williams, what instrument do you play?" Sir Briggs nudged him on the arm with his elbow.

  "The guitar, sir," Clyde replied respectfully.

  "Excellent! That must have made turn on points to the ladies," he winked to the ladies giggling at the corner. Clyde followed his gaze to the ladies and gave them a smile which made the girls giggle a little too loudly than normal. I have a sudden urge that I want to punch the them and Clyde. Could they flirt in some other place not when we're about to have our practicals today? I also can't believe Sir Briggs is allowing this.

  I cleared my throat that made everyone's attention turn to me including Clyde which now made me suddenly embarrassed. But there's no backing down now. "Sir, will the practicals still be today since we have a new student today?"

  "Oh, he'll be an exception," Sir Briggs said.

  "That is so unfair! I wish I was a new student today," someone from the crowd shouted out loud. Then suddenly the whole class was in chaos.

  "Sir, if you don't mind, I wanna take the test too," Clyde's voice silenced the crowd. "It would be really unfair if I didn't take the test like them."

  "Very well then, you'll take it with them too. And the calls are by alphabetical order."

  "Cool!" Clyde sighed in relief.

  "Take a guitar and choose your seat anywhere," Sir told him. Clyde did as he was told. He picked up a guitar and examined it from top to bottom. A tiny smile has escaped from his lips. As if satisfied with the guitar he got, he suddenly had his direction at me. Or that's at least I think where he's going—to me. My heart skipped a lot of beats. I could feel myself heating up. Is he going to sit beside me?

  "Hi Slick," as soon as those words had escaped his lips, my heart somersaulted.

  I can't help but smile at him and said, "Hello."

  "Mind if I borrow your guitar?" he smiled back.

  "S-sure, why not?" I tried to sound normal.

  "Thanks," he smiled once more and walked away and took a seat with the other guitarists who are waving for him to sit with them. I tried not to look disappointed and hurt. I really thought he was going to sit beside me. How naïve of me to think that. I really hate assuming things.

  "Let the quiz begin!" Sir Briggs announced. "Shall we start, Adamson?"

  While the test has been going, as much as possible, I tried to not sneak numerous glances at Clyde. He bonded quite great with the guitarists, as if they were best of friends already. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was secretly wishing Clyde could be sneaking glances at me too. But that's impossible, he wouldn't take interest in a red head like me. Especially he's still calling me weird names like Slick and Red Head.

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