Wattpad rant

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Hey bitches

Wattpad is great, but it sucks too
And these are just things that bother me, I'm not saying that you will feel this way too.
When you write a story, Wattpad doesn't show you who reads it.
I would just really like to know who reads my stories, that annoys me a little

This update is really confusing me too, I have no idea how to do certain things :P
But it's still pretty cool

It also annoys me that you need wifi to do a few things on Wattpad
I know that you need wifi for almost everything but that still annoys me
That brings me to another point
Why does wifi exist?
Like really, why can't we just have wifi with us all the time?
Okay, I'm losing focus.. Again
Do any of you feel like this?
Probably not coz I'm making no sense
But whatever ;)

I just wanted to add something that you probably don't care about but I'm gonna say it anyway
I'm getting a tiny chihuahua puppy tomorrow! Eeeek
If this gets more than 3 votes then I might add a picture of her in the next chapter
*fanfic Harry Styles smirk*
Thanks for reading xx
May the odds be in your favor

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