Tris pov

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God this is torture. We have been shopping for hours. I've already found my dress. I guess Susan still hasn't completely lost her selflessness, because she won't buy anything. we are just waiting for Mar to find her dress. I'm just hoping I can get around my dad, my mom would get what I was dressed in, but my dad wouldn't stop complaining. Mar has finally found her dress, so we leave to get ready. I go up to my bedroom and grab my curling wand and my make up that I only use on special occasions. I loosely curl my hair, then do a smokey eye make up, and blood red lipstick. I check the time the party starts at 6:00 and its 5:59 so we will only be a little late. I run into Susan while waking down stairs, and walk the rest of way with her. We make it down and Calebs eyes bulge out of his head, and he starts screaming at me that I need to change. God he's probably worse then Dad. "Don't listen to him Tris you look beautiful", Four says and Susan agrees. I smile at him. "Thanks Four and Susan" I say. "Alright let's go we haven't had a party in a week and a half". They all leave.

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