No worries?

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 Being in Middle school you have so much to worry about. Grades, Friends, Boys and wheither you are gonna be in the popular, geek, Jock, loners, emo, or just plan weird group.

I know what some of you are thinking. You're crazy Middle school isn't like that. You're a little kid nothing should be bothering you. wait until you get into High school then you can start worrying!!

Unfortunately Its starts in Middle school. Boys are really judgemental. If you dont have boobs or a butt then you get nothing, Its like being a brussle sprout. Your ugly you have no shape and no one wants you.  

Friends. There is nothing i can really say about them. You can only have one steady best friend. The others in Middle school are either sluts who go after every guy you like, Users, people who use you for your money, or items, or liars, people who lie about their life, like saying they are rich and have the perfect life but deep down inside they have this terrible crappy life that they cant bear to tell people because they know they are gonna get made fun of.

Grades. arent that big of a deal, unless your parents are freaks, and you are a absessed with getting A's in every class? but thats your choice

Groups, i never really believed in the popular or the Jock groups, But oh may i tell you they are real. It is very disrespectful. people should not be judge by their look and features.

Now you see where I'm going with this right? School isn't just about learning and getting a scholar ship or dropping out and living on the streets, or just ditching the disgusting life and just living your life with you best friend. NO!!  Its about self confidence and never letting your guard down. Its about having a social life with others and if you have one flaw then your life is over. People don't know how to control themselves when it comes to making fun of a person just  because they are Gay or Lesbian or they are just not like everyone else.

Now i am not saying I'm perfect. I make fun of people i am mean and disrespectful. No ones perfect. I'm sure you hear that a lot in these kind of stories. And yeah I'm sure you will hear it in more. But why am i the one seeing the bad things in people why do I feel the terrible pain of others when they get hurt by retards. Why can't I stand up to the people who are just terrible and have a disgusting behavior. Why? Is it because i believe in God and he has picked me to be the one to stop all the madness with the hurt and the pain in everyone ones heart? Maybe.

The one thing I dont get is why does it happen at such a early age? It happen to me in middle school to others it may have happened way earlier. And if you survived it how the hell did you survive. Tell me your secret please.  


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