the new arival?? ch.3

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hey guys just tryin to upload and me brother turned the internet off so if I don't upload one day you know why now.

I'm going to be doing a PoV in sam's point of veiw as well so it's going to start with a short sam pov then back to rosa so its longer ok well lets get started.



"SAM, get your arse out of bed. We need to go to the meeting before dinner." My amazingly annoying little sister screamed. God, I come home from school and go to take a short snooze, an I'm already getting woken up; I only slept for five hours. Walking down stairs is a pain because you can always smell whose there before you see them, or the other way around and it's mainly the person you don't want to see. But hey, what can I say If you can't run, hide. I smell him and turn to run back up the stairs no way am I going to be tackled without a weapon. Too late.

"Sammy boy, were do you think you going?" I turn around to see Taylor dive for me, I landed with my back slamming against the stairs. I roar at him "Your dead meat pup!" he run's into the back yard and grabs the football off the ground. We passed the ball back and thought for about ten miniut's. I hear a truck pull up outside. I turn and see Taylor heading towards the back gate."Where are you going?" I called he just waved at me in anticipation to come over to the gate. Reluctantly I walked over to see what he was looking at. I saw her my hands started to tingle and my heart raced.

"It's her!" Taylor looked at me confused,

"Who's her?" He questioned.

"My mate Taylor that's who!" He thought about it for a moment then screamed,

"Oh poopsticles, it's her!" I looked at him as if to say very sutal. I turned to stare at her she didn't hear she had her music in I listened closely to hear its my favorite song STRONGER - KENYA WEST I can't believe it she has that song even though its old. She turn's around holding a heavy box in one hand and grab's her bag from the car. She turns to face us, her eyes are like violets a piercing purple and her hair is long and curled near the ends; it looks like flames a bright auburn brown colour. I thought to myself as she walks into the house next door

"She's mine."


hope you liked that NOW onto ROSA'S POV



I woke up to a car door slamming, not to mention KILLER wailing. I grumbled and got out the car walking over to the moving van and grabbing the first box with my name on. I walked back to the car and grabbed my bag and was annoyed that mom hadn't let Killer out yet. I walked into the house and mom called to me "Your bedroom's on the top floor take your pick there only two room's up there and one's an office for you." I giggled well that's going to be obvious it's going to be the biggest room out of the two. I walked up and looked in both rooms the biggest room was purple my favorite colour, I dumped the box and my bag on the floor and walked over to the window.

I noticed two boys standing by there back gate. So I opened the window and scurried down the tree, simple if you had to do it every time you were grounded. When I reached the bottom branch I stood on it to see if it would hold my weight, it did so I leaned against the tree in a picture of ease. I bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing. They looked so excited until I couldn't help it I coughed. They turned to look at me in surprise I giggled and said,

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