Chapter 35: Tears anger and guilt

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Chapter 35: Tears, anger, and guilt

Chapter 35:




Cole's POV:



Elena was right, I just need a relaxing shower to relieve this stress. I was in the overly hot water when I thought I heard something. I listened closely but didn't hear it again. I rinsed out the shampoo, when I thought I heard a scream. I quickly shut off the water and rushed down the hall in my towel, to make sure Elena was okay. I knocked on the door,


"Elena? Are you okay?" I asked. I heard some shuffling on the other side of the door but got no answer.


"Elena! Answer me!" I pounded on the door trying to open it but it was locked. I was growing more and more panicked. This better not be some game! I started throwing my shoulder into the wooden door, but the damn thing wouldn't budge!!

"Elena!!! Open this door!!" I scream. By this point I see Baker running from the far hall, along with some other officer. I continue my fruitless attempts, when Baker stopped me,


"What going on?" He asked frantically. My head was only focused on getting through that door,


"I don't know, I thought I heard Elena scream, and she won't answer me! Elena! Dammit! Can you hear me?!" My knuckles were bleeding as I tried again to knock it down. Baker held me back,

"Let's both try it on the count of three." I nodded.



"Three!" We run on at full speed and manage to brake her door down. I don't waste any time as I look across her room. She was no where in sight!

"Elena?!" I yell. I notice her window's open, and I look out. I can't see her anywhere, but I see a red hatchback speeding down the street.

"No!" I punch the window sill. My eyes were blurry as tears came to my eyes,

"No...he didn't get her." I mumble in denial. I see Baker pick something up off the floor. It was a syringe. My breathing came out in jagged gasps. I shook my head over and over again. I was acutely aware that Baker was calling in back up to search for the red hatchback that he saw as well. I have hardly ever cried in my life. I didn't cry when my when my Aunt died. I didn't cry when back in freshman year of high school, my girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me with my best friend. But here I am now, crying because I just lost the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is my life, my love, and my future.


With coming to that conclusion, I wasted no more time as I picked myself up off the floor. New determination enflamed my heart. I was going to find her. I know what I promised, but I'd rather her yell at me later for it, then have to burry her. Once I find her, I'm going to get her safe then kick Thomas' ass so bad he's going to wish for death! But I won't give him the satisfaction. I want him to rot.

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