And the crescendo begins...

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Chapter 28 (Part 2)

Libby Ashford


                I was just walking out of my classroom with the intentions of going to the cafeteria for lunch when Cindy sidled up to me. I hadn’t seen much of her since me and Nick got together but the sugar sweet smile she was wearing gave me the impression she wasn’t done with me just yet. Unfortunately, this was the only class I didn’t have with anyone else so I was left to deal with Cindy by myself.

                “Hello Libby.” She purred, smiling sweetly at me.

                “Cindy.” I greeted wearily, glancing down the hallway crowded with hungry students.

                “So I’ve been thinking,” Cindy glanced down at the ground with a false pout. “I think we got off on the wrong foot Libby. I’m just not used to guys choosing other girls over me. Especially humans…” She trailed off and looked me over with distaste.

                “That’s unfortunate.” I shrugged lamely and made a move to skirt past her but a pale hand shot out and gripped my shoulder.

                “Anyway, I think we should start over. I really would love the opportunity to be friends with you. I mean after all, you are the future Luna and all.” Cindy’s eyes flickered momentarily at the mention of Luna before another smile stretched across her lips.

                “I guess, sure.” I shook my head quizzically, doubting Cindy’s sincerity but not wanting to make a scene. I didn’t know her very well but something was telling me that she had other things in mind than being friends with me.

                “Great!” She clapped her hands together in excitement. “I told Nick the same thing and he agreed that we should all start over.”

                “Really?” I asked doubtfully. That didn’t sound much like Nick.

                “Oh, yes. In fact, he suggested that we all eat lunch together.” Without warning her arm lunged out and gripped my wrist before she started tugging me down the hallway. “Come along now.”

                “I don’t think this is the way to the cafeteria.” I stumbled along behind her, looking behind me in the direction that everyone else was heading in.

                “This is the shortcut. You’re still new here so you don’t know all the ins and outs of this school but don’t worry, leave it up to me.” Cindy threw another smile my way as she continued to drag me through the school halls.

                My stomach churned with uncertainty and apprehension. I knew Cindy was up to something but I couldn’t imagine what it was. If I was a naïve person I might actually believe that she truly did want to make amends and start a friendship with me but I was neither naïve nor was I stupid. Anxiety continued to build up in me as I considered all of her ploys because there had to be some kind of ulterior motive.

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