Chapter 2

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~Lucy's POV~

I yawned and got dressed. I walked down the stairs the rest of the gang were sitting down there waiting to eat I sat next to Letty.

"So Dom what's our plan?" Tego asked I smiled.

"Our plan is you say grace."

"Why me?"

"You talked about work at the table before grace." I stated I knew my brother to well.

Tego said grace and we began to eat breakfast I noticed Han keep glancing at me.

"Fuel is gold here therefore if we steal fuel we'll earn gold." We all looked at Dom.

"Trucker down here can all carry guns Dom." I said grabbing a piece of bacon.

"If we do it right they won't even notice, at least not till they get to their destination."

"What is your plan?"

"Han and Lucy are our drifters therefore they provide perfect distraction. Letty climbs the fuel tanks and sprays them hits them with a hammer after you two have gotten the tanks hooked onto your truck. I grab Letty we sell the fuel and we're rich."

"That sounds grand but I'm not painting my baby." I stated.

"The best thing about it you won't have to."

"You better be right."

"I am you and Han your just street racers it's my car that will be a lead for anyone."

"Fine when do we start?"

"Once you two figure out your distraction method, Leon, Tego, and Rico need a nice truck with hook ups. Letty and I have our supplies."

"Wait who's gonna hook up the tank to our trucks?"

"Tego or Rico will hook up while the other drives and Leon well he'll just have to find someone."

"Looks like you get to go find a girl." Letty said with a smirk.

Leon stood up "I guess I'll go searching right now."

"Carla lives here why not her?" Leon looked at me.

"What makes you think Carla will do it?"

"Leon go get Carla tell her about the plan." Dom said Leon left.

"Han take Lucy and figure everything out. Tego and Rico go find two trucks."

We all stood up and left I followed Han to his car and sat in the passenger seat.

"Let's scout out roads first." I suggested he nodded.

"Did you throw Leon threw a windshield?"

I looked at him "No, if your talking about Leon's scar that's when I stabbed him with a screwdriver."


"No he got it when he was little and I didn't throw someone threw a windshield I pushed them. After I won a race the guy decided he was going to take his money back."

"Leon's a-"

"Yeah why'd he tell you I threw someone through a windshield?"

"I don't know."

"Your a horrible lier."

I grabbed a lollipop and unwrapped it sticking it into my mouth.

"Want one?"


I pulled out another lollipop and handed it to him. He looked at the wrapper.

"Here I don't like this flavor."

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