pt 5.

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9 years ago


"Nah ion wants it," 15-year-old La'Paris said pushing the drink away from his face that his girlfriend offered.

"Just one shot it won't hurt you," she said with a smile as Dominic mugged her.

"He just said he good get that shit outta his face," 16-year-old Dominic said mugging her.

"Worry about you and your bad-built ass girlfriend," she said sizing him.

"Fuck you just say," he said standing up.

"It's okay sit down," 15-year-old Nadia said pulling his arm and sitting him back down.

"Don't speak on her fuck you on" Dominic said mugging the hell out of her.

"Whatever ill be back," she said while going back to her 'real' friends on the floor twerking and dancing.

"I should whoop her ass hold my stuff Nana," her older sister said putting her purse down and taking her earrings off.

"No-no it's okay," Nadia said.

"Let her get fucked up who cares," she said while tying her hair up.

"Come on chilI I apologize, Nadia she just mad ion wanna drink that shit," La'Paris said.

"It's okay.." she said as Dominic pulled her on his lap.


She watched as he drank the rest of the drink out of the cup making her smirk.

"Relax Paris it's not going anywhere," she said with a laugh.

"Fuck I'm tryna go home I'm t-tired," he said feeling dizzy.

"Ride wimme and Nadia-"

"I got him takes for the offer," Amelia said cutting him off.


"Chile what you d-doing," La'Paris said feeling her climb on top of him.

"Ion wanna have sex Amelia I'm drunk and t-tired as fuck" he said as his eyes started to close making her quickly unzip his pants pulling his stuff out.

She slid onto it moaning in pleasure.

"Oh my god" she moaned biting down on her lip.

He gained contact again as his eyes slowly opened.

"W-what are you doing?" He questioned as she covered his mouth.

She went faster to please herself while he tried to get her off.

"S-stop ill tell your mama you've been drinking and smoking," she said making him stop.

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