Chapter 30

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"She's waking up!" I screamed. I pushed her body through the window into Megan's arms. "In there!" I shouted whilst pointing to a small cupboard with a glass window in the top. Megan opened the door, scanning around for anything useful before we lock her in. "Nothing in here!" She yelled. Megan placed her down on the floor as she woke up a little more every second. She found the key that was in the back of the door. "Got it!" She called. She locked the door.

Hour after hour. Mix after mix, I finally think I got something. I had it in a tube. It was a liquid at this point, it would take me longer if it was a solid. I added a needle to the end of it so it was like a injection. I put of a body guards suit that so happened to be hanging up in the room so it would bite me. I opened the door as Megan had the sword at the ready. "Come on, that's it!" I said whilst it approached me. I quickly got the shot and stab her in the arm. "Quick put her back in there!" Megan shouted. "No wait, look she really, really slow." I replied. she started to look dizzy, like she was drunk, and then started to not pay attention to us. "That is so weird. Well if everyone in our group has one of these, there will be a less chance of people dying. Lets just make lots more for now and say to the others that we found them in here and then I stabbed one with them and it worked. Once we find the real cure, we will tell them we created it." Megan said. "Sure!" I replied. "But one problem! It takes so long just to make one of these." I said. Megan looked at me in shock. "You go back and tell the others that I am out here searching for something and I am absolutely fine. Also we need to get Laura back in the cupboard. I don't know how long this effect will last." She agreed with me and helped Laura back into the cupboard. Many more hours of this and then our group will be just fine...

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