Busy Day

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Hope's POV

I woke up before anybody so I figure I would clean things up til everyone got up we could get breakfast done and head back to Indiana. I wanted to make sure that I had all the things the girls would need for the road. I was busy getting things around and Jason comes out of the bedroom. "Well, good morning handsome." I said as he walks to the bathroom. After a few minutes he came back out and said "good morning beauitful." He gave me a kiss then sat down trying to wake up and then there was a knock at the door. "Who would be at the door this early?" I said. Jason answers it and it's Trent Tomlinson. "Hey bud, looks like you just rolled out of bed!" Trent said "Ya that's because I did." Jason said coming over and givin me some more sweet kisses. "What y'all up to today?" he asked "Well have to make a trip to Indiana!" Jason said "For what?" he asked. "To move my fiancées stuff here." Jason said with a smile. "well I didn't know you were engaged so btw congrats." he said shaking my hand and Jason's. "Thanks man." Jason said. After a little while the girls got up. "y'all hungry?" I asked everyone said yes so I made breakfast for everyone. Jason invited Trent to go with us for an extra set of hands to move stuff since I wouldn't be much help. Jason and Trent headed out to get things in the bus and I helped the girls get ready. When we finally finished we joined the guys inside. "y'all ready?" Jason asked. "we sure are." I said walking to the door. Jason walks over and kissed me and we get on the bus. We hit the road to head back to my home town. "Daddy, where are we going?" Both girls asked. "We are heading to Indiana so we can move Hope's things to my house." Jason said. "Doesn't Mommy Hope live with you?" Keeley asked. "Well, sweetheart Hope has been on the road with Daddy and we have been so busy that we couldn't move her stuff til today and it wasn't official for her to move in so today she said yes about moving in." Jason said. "I think I understand now." Keeley said. I adored how amazing Jason was with the girls and made me happy knowing he be an amazing father to our new bundle of joy. After a while I started to get tired so I told Jason I was going to lay down for a while. "Alright babe, when we get closer I Will wake you up." Jason said "Alright babe, love you." I said "I love you too." he said as I leaned in to give him a kiss.

Jason's POV

Not long after Hope went in and laid down the girls asked how far we were and we were still about 8 hours from where we needed to be. I knew it be a long way and both girls were getting to where they were bored that nothing they do could keep them entertained so the next town we stop for a while and just do some sight seeing before going back on the road. we pulled off and I went to the back to wake Hope up and see if she wanted to go with us. "Hey babe" I said. it didn't take long for her to wake up. she looked at me and I could tell she was still super tired. "where we at?" She said. "We pulled off for a bit cuz the girls were getting really anises we are going to walk around you want to go?" I asked. "Yea I'll go, the walking will do me some good." She said. She got up and we got off the bus Trent had the girls out in the parking lot waiting on us. "Daddy, uncle Trent is funny." Kendal said. "Why is that?" I said "He is really funny that's why." she said laughing. We walked around for a while. "Babe" Hope said raping her arms around mine. "Yes Babe, are you ok?" I said. "Yea I'm fine, just wanted to ask you something." She said. "What is it?" I asked her. "Well after we get everything done and put in the trailer can we stop by my mom's and then stop at my dads grave?" Hope said. "Yea Babe that is alright with me." I said. "Thank you Baby" she said slipping in and giving me a kiss. the girls were really tired from walking so we headed back to the bus. Trent offered to drive and we hit the road. Not to long after hitting the road the girls went to the bunks and laid down. Hope went back and coved them up and they went right to sleep. she was tired from walking around and not long after sitting down and watching tv she was out like a light sleeping like the angel she was. I grabbed a blanket and covered her up and sat down next to her. I dozed off and woke up to trent telling me that we were at Hope's house. I woke her up and the girls. It didn't take long to get everything packed up and into the trailer. We left from her house and headed to her moms.

Hope's POV

We arrived at my moms and we all went in I interdicted Trent and the girls to my mom and Phil. We spent time with them and then we said our good byes it was emotional not only was it because I'm pregnant but knowing that I wouldn't see my mom as much I knew it was the best choice I was making. I hugged my mom and Phil and we got on the bus. We headed from my moms to my dads grave. the emotions were hitting me even more, Jason was there comforting me. We got off the bus and walked to Dads gave and Trent stayed back with the girls. It killed me knowing that the only way to be close to my dad was at his grave but I knew that being away from Indiana and the drama that it would be a lot better and not all the stress.. We sat at my dads grave for a whole and then we left for the trip back to Georgia.

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