my life as Ella

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hey, im Ella. i'm 13 and i go to north shore high. my best friend is Harley. she is my everything. and my family..well they arent the normalest family ever. my mom and dad dont understand me and my younger sisters are wack-jobs from loony-ville. even my dog is nuts! 

well anyway friday is winterfest and i was hoping this guy justin would ask me. ive had a secret crush in justin since the 3rd grade..its not a secert between me and harley. ive been talking alot with justin and i think he might acctually ask me.  Harleys got her boyfriend dj.  ive got the most gourgous dress for the dance and if nobody askes me god they will b jelous they didnt when i walk through the door, harley agrees. 

"hey har, whats up?" i say as i jump off the bus monday morning (ugh mondays)

"nothin really been waitin for you and dj to get here. *harleys phone vibrates*, dj's sick hes been throwing up all weekend poor thing."

"hope hes ok in time 4 winterfest, sure dont want him to miss that."

" he says its nothin big, just a bug hes goin to the doctor later just to make sure, crap we gotta get to class lets go!"\

i walk into english as harley jets to geography, i see justin as soon as i walk in the door, im butter on his popcorn, 

" he..hey justin whats up?"

"oh hey el, nothin much finding car parts for the farari, how was your weekend?" he says

" my weekend ws good,hung with harley most of it."

"thats nice, hey i gotta question,"

omg this might be it!!!

"do you want me put together teh farari tonight?"

big let down

"sure sounds like fun' i say trying not to show my saddness

"one more question, will you go to winterfest with me?


"yes! of course i will"

"sweet, wear somthin hott!" he replied

"got it coverd already" i said super happy

*at lunch* 

"harley you'll never guess what happened in 1st hour today!" i questioned

"lemmie guess justin asked you to winterfest? she guessed

"how did you know? i asked confused

"the look on your face" she replied

oh, lol" i giggle

 *after school*

"har, i need to get shoes and accesories for my dress, you know what that means,"


"YUP lets go they close in 3 hrs"

*at the mall*

'omg these are soo cute!!!" i say at a drop dead gourgous stelletio heel

" you got $35?'

"yea i got  my mom to give me $45"

"sweet lets get em and go! its your size"


* the next day*

"ugh man today we have gym" harley  said 

man why did you remind me?" i said bummed

" well we do!"


*3rd hour*

"alright you wimps line up' the evil gym teacher from down below yells

"ughhh" me, harley, and te wole gym class agrees

"today we are playing... dodgebball!


"i hope i dont die!" i complain ( ive alywas sucked at gym)

" ell whatch out!!!!" harley yells!

"ompf"  i fall to the ground and black out.

i wake up in the hospital with haley and justin next too me.

"oh thank god your awake! i thought i lost you! justin says relived

" me too!" har says also relived

wow i didnt know justin cared that much abouut me

" the doc says you can go home as soon as youyr mom or dad gets you" justin says

'" thats about 530"

"honey its 5 now" harley says

"oh well i blacked out in..?" i asked

"3rd sweetie' har says" harley answeres

"does your head hurt?" justin asked

" oo yea!' i ust realized the intense pain from my upper ear.

'you did get hit really hard by seth, man hes really got an arm on him"

"yea ikr i got in a fight w him and got a bloody nose from one hit"

" ugh wow my head is killing me"

"the doc gave you the max pain med but i dont think it workd."

"you've got the worst concussion hes ever seen. you will b on bedrest for a couple of days because he dont want you active fora while"

"hopefully it ends befor winterfest" i flashed a smile at justin then got realy dizzy

"woah that hurts!"

"what?" justin says alarmed.

"my head, i got real...." 

i blacked out again

" whe..wher..where am i?"

i woke up in an unfamiliar blue room

"your at my house, your parents had to work late so the doc said i could take you home, hope thats ok.' justin said

"thats perfectly fine with me"

"good, now you rest, the doc said  you neeed lots of it, water?

"sure im dyin of thirst"

"k, take small sips"

" i know silly"

"k" now you sleep"


 "hey ell u ok?" justins glowing smile greests me wheni wake


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