"So your really gay now huh?"

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"So your really gay now huh?" Aunty Sophie asked and the rest of them looked at me

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"So your really gay now huh?" Aunty Sophie asked and the rest of them looked at me.

"Yes" I answered

"Since when though?" Uncle Liam asked


"That asshole broke her heart" Stella cut into my sentence before I could finish.

"What asshole?" they all asked while standing.

"Calm down he's already dead. Dad and Sawyer killed him before he got away" I said and they sat down

"Who was it?" Aunty Leonora asked

"James" I answered while looking back at my phone.

James and I were together since I was nineteen. He was my bodyguard at the time. He made me feel special, loved by someone other than a family member. All that was a lie though. A lie that tore me apart.

Nothing hurts more than your first love betraying you in the worst way. He didn't love me, he was just using me. He was the son of the Brazilian mafia boss.

"Fucking James?" Uncle Liam cursed

"I wish he could come back alive so I can kill him in the most painful way a human can die," Hunter said

"Agreed" Uncle Liam and Archie said

"What happened?" aunty Lily asked and Stella told them.

"We will be happy to slaughter each and every one of the Brazilian clan," uncle Liam said.

"Come on uncle do you really think they would be breathing right now. I already killed them," I said and they smiled proudly.

"That's our girl," Hunter said while smirking. I got up and grabbed my guns.

"I need a drink, I'll be back," I said before walking out.

My hands went up to my throat and my fingertips brush the scar. I closed my eyes as I got flashbacks.

That asshole tried to kill me in my sleep. I got a tattoo to cover up the scar but daddy did not like what he said.

He even told me I should get it removed.

The tattoo said 'Fuck Me'

In my defense, I was high when I got the tattoo plus I like it. I just wished my dad didn't see it

"Hey sis" I turned around to see Sawyer.

I dropped my hands from the scar and gave him a small smile.

"What's up bro," I said and he walked towards me.

"Are you okay?" he asked

"Yeah, I was just-"

"Two truths one lie," he said

Saige, Sawyer, and I had this thing we would use to tell each other things. Basically, we were free to say a lie and hide what was going on or we could tell the truth about what was bothering us.

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