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[[Hey there! Welcome back to this little adorable π~ /wink wink/ get it? I was thinking of this over and over again and finally decided, "why not? It's Oikawa."
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I enjoyed writing the original and a lot of you really liked it so I decided to write others. Life with Oikawa and the kids and such~


7 years of dating Oikawa, 2 years of engagement, somehow and 3 years of marriage. And finally you agreed to do the birds and bees with him. It was all fine and all.

The little apartment you both had, a kitchen, bathroom, master bed, guest room. Everything was amazing, simple, fun. You enjoyed every second with him. No quarrels so far.

But now, after a few weeks, you were in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, staring at, not your reflection, but the pregnancy test that showed positive. Your world stayed still. Time didn't move forward as you stared. Your heart racing against your ribcage.

You took it again.



Positivity were everywhere. But you weren't sure if positivity will be your husband's reaction when you revealed the results.

Nervousness. What were you going to do? What if he leaves you? But...

You kept quiet. Sitting on the couch, you fiddled your thumbs, counting the time as it went by.

Finally, after years and centuries of waiting torture, the lock clicked, the doorknob turned and you heard footsteps, "I'm back," you gulped, you heard him take off his shoes, and stepped in, spot you on the couch, flinged his bag to the side, "Tooru! Your bag!" He only sighed and hugged you.

You flinched. You could tell that he had a bad day at work. And so you kept quiet.

He stroked your back, and kissed you. The passionate one, his tongue raiding your wet cavern, his hand travelling up under your shirt, his hand on your ass. "Oi..." You said, between pants, trying to push him away, but only resulting aggressiveness from the other.

"To-- Tooru!"

He pushed you gently yet with force onto the couch, leaning forward to kiss you. You tried to pull away, but he held you in place.

His tongue trailed to your neck, from your lips, you whimpered and could feel yourself losing sense. No... You had to tell him. "Tooru! I'm pregnant, dumbass!"

Now, he stopped.


"I'm pregnant." You sighed and placed your head on his shoulder, still not believing the words yourself.

He held your shoulders, and pushed you away from him, but his hands still on your shoulders.

You didn't dare to look at him.

But you wanted to know.


You silently nodded. He let go of your shoulders. You looked up, and surprise.

His lips were in a huge grin, his hands trying to cover it, but his eyes had the sparkle, wet as well, with tears threatening to pour.

"T... Tooru?"

"(F/N)... I love you so much."

"Tooru!" He engulfed you in a bear hug. Huge as Frick.

You couldn't help but grin, as tears rolled down your cheeks.

He wiped them off with his thumb, kneeling in front of you, his eyes gazing into yours, gentle, you could see the little tears at the edge of his eyes.

"I thought you'd leave me..." You sobbed, into your hands, hoping he wouldn't see you like this.

"Leave you?"

You nodded.

"I would never. You're too precious... And I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't prepared for the consequences."


"I love you... I would never leave you. I was prepared. We're financially okay. And hanging on. Another little one wouldn't hurt."

You smiled. "Yeah... I have time as well."

"See? We'll make it."


"So... What about some baby stuff shopping this Sunday?"

You grinned and nodded. He wasn't going to leave you. He was going to love you. No matter what. You could trust.

Oikawa sighed again, placing his head on his shoulder, "lovely. I was having a bad day... And wanted to devour you... But... This made my day. I love you so much... (F/N)..."

"I love you too..."

"So much..." He was crying. You could feel his tears wet on your shoulder. And you ran your fingers through his locks. "I love you... I love you too... So much..." Tears flowed as well.

An extra member, and you'd be called a family. You couldn't... You just...

Happiness filled the little apartment.

Gratitude and joy filled your heart.

And more was to come.


[[Omf-- I loved writing this. I hope you Enjoyed it! Thanks For Reading!]]

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