Chapter Thirty-Three

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Also the beginning will be a little confusing, but it'll make sense once you get to Anakin's POV (:

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Like a Sith

(Y/n)'s POV
With tears streaming down my cheeks, I ran.

I was desperately looking for light or to find a way out of the pitch black world I was in. There was nothing around me, at least nothing that I could see, and my heart was beating frantically as I desperately held in a panic attack that was so fierce I wanted to scream.

I kept going straight for what felt like hours, until I felt a splash and I froze. I glanced down and saw the water at my feet that went up to my ankles, "What the hell is happening?" I whispered to myself. The last thing I remember is that thing that attacked, and now, I'm here.

Am I dead?

I placed my hand on my chest, feeling like my heart was about to beat out of my chest, and then, something ahead caught my eye. It looked like there was someone floating in the water, their back facing upwards. My Jedi instincts momentarily kicked in and I rushed through the water to the person.

Once I reached them, I bent down and flipped them over to get their face out of the water. As soon as my eyes landed on them and I was able to see who they were, I felt like my heart stopped, as did my breathing, "Master?" I whimpered as I looked over his pale features and closed eyes.

No, no this isn't real, none of this real.

"Ma-Anakin please wake up," I grabbed hold of him and tried to shake him awake. He was cold too, like a stone statue in the winter, "You can't do this to me, you can't leave me too, wake up!" I began to scream and splashed some of the water over his face.

My last resort was to slap him, but a hand caught my wrist just as it was about to hit his cheek. I shifted my gaze to his eyes and saw that they were now open, he was the one who was holding my wrist.

And there was something about his eyes that sickened me, they were yellow, like a Sith, "Anakin?"

In reaction to my voice, he shot his other hand up from the water and gripped my neck, choking me tight, "No, not Anakin," He said in a hocie that didn't sounds like his, before pulling me into the dark water with him. The last thing I heard was the sound of my own screams, before my lungs filled with water.

Anakin's POV
I rushed my Padawan into the room where we had placed Ahsoka and I laid her down on the bed next to her best friend, "It's the same thing," I said to the doctor who switched over from the young togruta to give (y/n) her attention.

"All of them are like this," Obi-Wan explained as he set down the youngling he carried with him. Mace has yet to return and I figured he was trying to call down after what I'm sure he's considering is me being disobedient. Also I saw him pick someone up and his weak ass is probably walking slower than a bantha on Tatooine with heat stroke, "I'll find the others to help us carry the rest of Padawans and younglings," My former Master announced before quickly exiting the room, turning the way that led to the council chambers.

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