“Hello, my name is-“

                “Mr. Colon, yeah I know.” I nodded, being kind of rude about it. But he isn't what i expected, i had a right to be disappointed right? He stared at me with such an expression of shock.

                “So you know my name, but I don’t know yours. Care to tell me?”  he sassed back at me.

                “Jessica, call me Jess though. Jessica is such a bland and generic name,” I waved my hand as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

                “Well, nice to meet you.”

                “Ok now that you two have met I will let Jessica escort you to your room,” the dean spoke, breaking this akward pull I have towards Mr.Colon.

As i silently walked Mr.Colon's to his room, i had an odd shiver run down my spine, like something is following me. Psh. I pushed that thought aside, why would someone follow my, especially at school.

"My name is Mark, by the way."

Jumping at the sound of his voice, i spun around to stare at him. "what?" i asked stupidly, regretting having spoken.

"My name is Mark. I can tell you dont like the formal name, so just call me Mark."

"um.....thanks" i stutterd back. i turned around and returned to walking. Mark Colon. What an odd name. Not that i would say that, i have a ridiculous name too. Jessica Filicia Rebecca Johnson. Ugh, why my parents wanted to torcher me with that name, I will never know.

We finally reached his room. It was down the hall from mine, which was technically the guys side. But it felt weird to have him so close to me.

"Well this is your room," I waved my hand in front of me like a supermodel showing of a car in a commercail.

"Thanks" he stated, his voice tightening slightly. I looked at him and squinted my eyes at him. I could tell something was off. I've seen that look when somebody is lying to you but its more specific. Like they were trying ot hold something back, or like they despised you....... Wait. I went rigid right then and there. Weird politness, blunt and short answers, the look of holding something back, the despising tension in the air.

I knew right then and there this Mark Colon guy hated me. I don't know how, or when this happened. But right in this moment he hated me. I locked my jaw and ennuciated each word carefully, angered at him" well if you don't need anything else, I'm going back to my room." Why does this guy hate me, its not like i did anything to him?

As if he understood the reason, which i doubt he did, he nodded and placed his bag on his bed. Spinning on my heel, i marched out of the room as quickly as possible to get space between us, and half ran back to my room. Slamming the door, i flooped on my bed. 

Marks POV

I don't get her, honestly i dont. When she saw that i was here teacher, she just stared at me like a stupid idiot. Ugh, Calm Yourself Mark. Just get done with this training and you can go back. I can't believe i got stuck with teaching her how to use her powers. The council is such a b*tch sometimes, I sweat they sent me here becasue they know i hate Jessica.

Sighing, I knew i was being irrational, they sent me here becasue they don't want me to be a danger to themand so much more than to piss me off. Ever since i started developing strong powers, most of my friends tried to avoid me. I hated my powers with all my heart. Why did i have to a freak, and not normal?

i remember asking that same question to my father when i was 15. "Becasue you were destined for great things" was his reponse. After that i sucked i up, i got training in weapons, combat, strategy for war. When i graduated school, I enlisted in the military, and within a year i was promoted general of the army. 

I could see my one and only friend, Josh, laughing at me because now I'm teaching an arrogant, rich 17 year old girl.

Jessica Johnson. I rubbed my face as i sat down on the bed. What was i going to do with her? Obviously teach her how to control her powers. But then what? She was the real reason the counsil sent me here. To get her to come to court and join the ranks of her people. She was really clueless. Her 'real' parents don't even look like her. I would have known in an instant that they weren't my real parents. How could she not know that she is the daughter of the king and the queen?

They finally want her to join them becasue of the fued going on, she will be used to stop this fued. If it goes on at the rate its going on, it will be more than a fued, it will be a full war ahead of us full of death and hatred among people.

It was my job to teach the little brat how to use her powers to stop this from happening. Hell, from this day on I will be hoding her hand, methaphorically speaking, and guiding her to learn her powers.

Frustrated, i got into bed and turned off the lamb and tried to get some sleep  

Jess' POV

Rolling over on my back, i stared up at the ceiling. I could totally see through his little stunt ot be nice to me. Psh. I'm not a complete idiot stupid head. I could spot out liers from miles away....ok not miles, but i could definatly tell them apart from normal people.

I learned a few tricks over the years to fool with people, after all i have to power to do that. When i was ten years old, Tibitha hated me for being a better artist than her, so from then on we were constant enemies. But somehow over the summer, she magically changed her mind about her feelings toward me. And when i got back to school the next year, she said she wanted to start over and become friends. So, naive as i am, was thrilled that i finally had a friend. I felt wanted and loved for the first time in my life, besides my parents loving me, but thats differnt. So, one day i came over to her house becasue i thought we could go swimming since it was so hot outside. Her mother told me she was in her room, so i went there and heard her talk on the phone. "Ha, Jessica Rolands is completly stupid. She honestly thinks I'm her friend. So the last day right before school, I'll tell her driver to drop us off at my house and then we'll trick her by dumping water and honey on her with sprinkles and cherries" She went on rambling out what they were going to do to me. Crying, I ran straight home and cried the rest of the day. but once i stoped crying, i figured out a way to get back at Tibitha for being such a b*tch with a capital B.

So, as planned by Tibitha, she told my driver to go over to her house. But the driver, apart of my devious plan, drove the opposite direction to the pig farm outside the city. There i preceeded to push her into a pile of pig poop and say" Next time, you really shouldn't blab about your plan over the phone like a complete moron. Or better yet find a friend that can't see through your little act." and i droe away leaving her there to sit in poop.

I know that may sound naive, and probaly one of the reasons peole stay away from me. But i don't care. I never want to feel rejected and alone ever agian. Anytime people try to manipulate me, hell comes to them in one form or another.

Leaning up on my elbows. I started thinking of a way to get the "real" Mark Colons out into the open. His sweet smile and daziling good looks aren't fooling me. Or the way his bright blue eyes looked at me with kindness. Or the way his black hair falls just below his eyebrows, or the storng presense he admits form just standing 2 feet away from me, or his lips.....

JESS! Stop it! what the hell are you thinking?!

Why can't i be just a regular girl, with a regular powers?Where stories live. Discover now