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" Silence!" Ordered the King of the Galaxy of Gorgona, Aquarius rolled her eyes as his terrible breath traveled across the council room.

" You're telling me that your the hero's who have to save the Galaxy," he said with a laugh, and his name was King Gorfen.

" And you're telling me that you still haven't found a toothbrush yet-

Cancer nudged Gemini as the King glared at her.

" You're never gonna stop are you?" Asked the King glaring at her.

" Well-

" Sir we just need you to join us, we can't win this fight without you!" Pleaded Cancer who was running out of ideas, the poor girl had bags under her eyes, it had been two days and they still hadn't fully convinced the King. Aquarius honestly couldn't take it anymore.

" Listen King Gorgon or whatever your name is, we don't have time for you, if you want you and your entire kingdom to go down in flames then that's your choice! But we have better things to do that wait for you all day! War could start at anytime now heck it could start right as we speak and if you don't make the right choice your whole kingdom is doomed! So what choice are you and the council going to make? The right choice or the wrong one!" Aquarius shouted wishing she had her skateboard so she could throw it at the kings head, she considered throwing her shoe but the council seemed to be interested to see what Aquarius had to say.

Cancer nodded and Aquarius cleared her throat beginning a long ass speech about why they should join them. Honestly Aquarius never knew that she was good at convincing people but apparently she was quite good at it because in the end the entire council agreed.

The four girls walked down the steps together heading back to their rooms, " Now that was impressive," said Capricorn giving Aquarius a high five.

" Aqua I didn't know you were so persuasive, you just got an entire council on our side in less than five minutes," said Cancer in awe.

" Yeah I know I'm so great-

" Please don't flatter yourself," said a smiling Gemini, they all felt so much pressure lift off their shoulders now, all they had to do was figure out the details and how they were gonna draft an army etc.

Gemini finally came away from the kitchen and sat beside Aquarius and Capricorn on the couch.

" You know what, I'm gonna give King Gorfen a present," said Gemini mischievously.

" And what exactly would that be?" Asked Cancer coming over with her hands on her hips.

Gemini smirked and held up a toothbrush while Cancer sighed and smacked her on the head, Aquarius and Capricorn burst out laughing while Cancer tried to hold in her laughter.

" It's not funny Gem, what if they can hear?"

" Nah man I think the guards already passed out from his-

Cancer smacked Gemini lightly once more but Gemini was way too busy laughing.

" We leave tomorrow afternoon but tonight we have to plan-

" Ugh can't we plan tomorrow!" Argued Aquarius sitting upside down on the chair.

" No Aqua, we don't have time, also don't do that the bloods gonna rush to your head!"

" Alright mom," said Aquarius rolling her eyes.

" I just wanna watch tv and sleep," said Capricorn grabbing the remote.

" You three are so irresponsible," said Cancer rolling her eyes.

Gemini accidentally dropped the entire bowl of popcorn and looked up, " Hey! I'm not irresponsible!"

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