Mine. Part 2

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Pairing: Pro Hero Bakugou X afab!Reader

Summary: Bakugou can't control himself any longer and pulls Reader into a public bathroom to lay his claim to her.

Contains: posessive!Bakugou, public sex, breeding kink kinda, idk what else - I'm tired.

Word Count: 1.8K

"What the hell, Katsuki?"

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"What the hell, Katsuki?"

Suddenly, it was like all the sounds in the club rushed into his ears at once. Your lovely voice, the bass of the music, overlapping conversations, the clinking of bottles at the bar. Bakugou shook his head, trying to regulate himself.

"What was that?" You asked, your face coming into view. Your hands on your hips, your brow furrowed... he already knew what that meant. You were pissed. Why the hell were you pissed at him? He was just defending you. Right?

"He had his hands on you! I wasn't going to sit back and let him do whatever the fuck he wanted!" He practically shouted.

"I had it handled." You argued back, not even flinching, your voice dropping in contrast to his booming words. You always knew how to handle him, and it was one of the things he loved most about you.

He clicked his tongue against his teeth. He knew you had it handled, but something came over him. You stared at him as he stared back at you. You huffed, cocking your hip to the side which drew his eyes down to your curves. The heat that was once in his face slipped down low, straight to his groin. He bit the inside of his cheek as he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the restrooms without another word.

You let him pull you along, surprisingly. You probably assumed the argument you were about to have would be better behind closed doors, but that wasn't what Bakugou had in mind. He slung open the door to the men's restroom and pulled you inside. He locked the door and turned to face you.

Your arms were crossed as you looked at the locked door and then back at him expectantly. He crossed the little space that was left between you but stopped a few feet away when you spoke suddenly. "Well, gonna explain yourself?"

"There's nothing to say." He managed to ground out. Bakugou's fists clenched and unclenched as he tried to control the possessive feeling that was beginning to overtake any sense he had left.

"Katsuki." You sighed, cocking your hip out to the side again. His eyes zeroed in on the supple flesh there and Bakugou felt his feet begin to move towards you, only stopping when you spoke again. "You almost broke that man's hand."

"Because he touched you." He replied without thinking.

Your eyes seemed to glow in the dim lights at his words. He couldn't tell if it was anger or desire...? His cock twitched, becoming hard at the thought. He stepped closer to you again, yet you stood your ground, your chin tilted up so you could stare into his carmine eyes. Your breasts brushed up against him, making his breath hitch. His resolve was fading. Fast.

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