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There's a panic inside of me that eases once the door shuts behind me and I know Alana can not run after me. It probably won't be that bad when she finds out that I'm dead. A part of her might feel relieved, a part of her might feel happy that I am gone that the bringer of her pain dissipated.

I know these aren't the thoughts that I should be thinking but I can't help it. I am too afraid of the world and the reality of it. That might have been the last time that I have ever touched Alana Salvatore.

"Why did you chloroform her?" Lexi questions as I thunder down the front steps and into the gravel walkway.

"She'll chase after me," I answer and I believe it won't bout a doubt. "I can't have her doing anything stupid while I'm gone."

Delphi is sitting on the hood of the car when she sees the two of us. She slips off of it, "You can't go."

"I can do anything I want." I text Anthony the address of the safe house and slip into my car. "I have backup and I've ordered most of the gang to the location."

"This is dumb." She whispered harshly. "Please, don't go."

"You know I have to, don't worry, I'll bring them back." I stomp on the gas, Delphi jumps back in surprise, and I pull out of the driveway.

There's a scream of stop and I see Clary sprinting down the driveway. I lock the door as she attempts to open it. "Francesca!"

Lexi's window rolls down and Clary pops her head into view. She's cursing at me to let her in when I interrupt, "No, go back inside the house."

"I'm your best shooter." She declares and I pause because she was very right about that. I know it didn't seem like it but she could shoot a needle tip a hundred miles away. Clary was perfection when it came to guns.

"Clary, Alana needs you."

"You need me more." Clary says defiantly and I look at her nervously before unlocking the door.

"Be safe." I shoot coldly.

"Yeah like I'll choose to die," She rolls her eyes and I step on the gas. She makes a noise of surprise and annoyance as the door slams shut. "Fuck! Come on, Francesca!"

I smirk, "Like I said, be careful."

I knew Clary was right. I could go over the plan a thousand times in my head and honestly, Clary being there made it a lot easier for me to do what I needed to do. It made it a lot more efficient too, I could be looking for him while Clary and Lexi look for our friends. Not to mention I had about one hundred gang members reading over and heading towards the mansion with us. They could handle the manpower my brother would have.

I pull off into the street and I notice three other SUVs flash their lights before following me. They were only a fraction of what I knew was coming with me. Anthony would be pulling his own strings and giving me more than enough manpower.

The house is a forty-five drive and it passes by with a lot of phone calls and ordering. I confirm with James that my will is up to date and she has confirmed that my money will be put in the right place when need be. She promises me to be careful and I don't immediately respond, before I tell her that I will do my best. I know from her voice that it wasn't enough for her but I hung up before she could say anything more.

"What's the plan?"

"The plan?" I lull the plan over in my brain. "Guns blazing, ask questions later."

Lexi rolls her sleeves up and fixes her sleek ponytail. "You're gonna get us killed, aren't you?"


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