SH&tNG: Review

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To be honest, I read this story a while back so I can't give a completely reliable review, however I will comment on what I can remember after scanning over the pages a couple times.

Name: Seth Hayes and the Naked Girl

Author: @nightdrives (Shilo)

What did I like about it?

Firstly, the format. It was a well written piece with an easy, readable format. There weren't any grammar problems that stood out and the language was well chosen, meaning the words fit perfectly.

The fact that the chapters were alternative and ordered point of views was really helping when reading. Usually books that have different POVs tend to make the mistake of not being in any particular order, so it's difficult to keep up with who is saying what; however in this case it was well displayed and easy to understand.

Lastly, the humour was well placed and balanced, making the whole experience is that much better!

What do I (personally) think could have been better?

Nothing that stands out, that I can remember.

Do I recommend it?


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