* Chapter Three *

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/Ashley P.O.V/

A week later

I laying on my dusty bed weakly I didnt eat since I put in here Jason beat me every single day kicking , punching my whole body is aching

There was manny bruises form on my face and my body My whole body was aching He force me to have sex with him He gone rough on me I cant even sit straight Im too weak , lifeless

" He..l.p He..l.p " I whisper weakly I give up I wincing in pain

Then the door swung open Jason was standing there folding his arms together He walk towards me and pistfull grab my hair

" So the slut awaken " He say smirking

" J..j..ason P..lea.se l..et g.o.. of ..my ha..ir p..le.ase " I say pleading tears fall on my cheek

" What did you say slut ? " He ask slapping my cheek I didnt say anything

" L..et go my hair Jason " I say whisper weakly  because of my drie throat

He smirk and punch my face I look at him I fell on the hard and cold concrete He kick my legs and stomach I cough of blood I touch the blood Then suddenly I black out

/Jason P.O.V/

I was kicking her stomach I kick it hard Then I finally stop

" Hey slut ! Get up " I say shaking her shoulder by my feet

" Ashley stop fooling me get up " I say shaking her body Her body was so small Her skin was drie

" Ash wake up ! Ashley ! Wake up " I shout shaking her body But she didnt move a muscle I panic I dont know what to do

" Nick ! Matthew ! " I shout holding Ashley firmly on my lap

" Yes Bo- " Matthew didnt say another word He just froze same as Christian

" Call Ralph Now " I shout to them Ralph was a doctor in Hospital here in LA He's the gang doctor I shake Ashley a couple times but the same result She didnt move

" He's on his way Boss " Christian say hunging up his phone I pick Ashley bridal style and I put her on bed

Then Ralph burst into the room He drop his bag and rush into Ashley I leave the room and punch my pist on the walls

" Boss She'll be fine " Mathew say looking at me Then Ralph walk towards us He shake his head looking at me

" This is all my fault , It's my goddamn fault " I say and punch my pist on the wall My knuckles was bleeding I drop on my knees

" Jason get up We need to bring her on the warehouse now " I heard Ralph I look at him He extended his hand and I gladly took it

" Greg get the Van ready " I say walking inside the room I pick Ashley's lifeless body

" Baby dont leave me " I say kissing her head I walk on the stairs and Ralph was on the Van already

" Jason hurry " Ralph yelled I walk fast I get in the Van and Matthew close the Van We arrived in the warehouse we walk on our mini hospital

I put Ashley down in the small bed Ralph was busy checking Ashley I leave the room I sat on the chair rubbing my face

" This is all my fault " I whisper looking at my shaking fingers 

After Three hours

" Jason , Jason wake up " I jolted in my seat and look at Ralph

" How is She ? " I say standing up Ralph look at me

" She's fine but she's not awake yet " He say tapping my shoulder

" Can I see her ?." I ask looking at the room He nod his head and walk towards the gang I walk towards the room I sat on the chair beside the bed

" Ash wake up , I need you baby Im so so so sorry " I say kissing her knuckles

" Please baby wake up for me I need you I cant live without you I LOVE YOU " I whisper the three last word tears drop on my cheek

" J..a..ce ? " I heard her Angelic voice


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