He's Not Coming Back

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"You can take those stitches out yourself in a week or so," Hershel stated as he wrapped Allen's leg. We were all sitting around together.

"Pretty nice having medical training," Tyrese said from his spot next to his sister.

"It'll only get you so far." I nodded agreeing with Hershel from my seat at one of the tables, Riley sitting next to me.

"You were bit?" Tyrese said more as a statement than a question.

Hershel turned to look at the man and nodded. Before anyone could say anything to keep conversation going, Beth walked in with Judith to make her another bottle.

"How old's the baby?" Sasha asked staring wide eyed at the young girl and infant.

"Barely a week," Hershel answered.

Sasha carefully walked towards Beth. "To be honest I never thought we'd see another baby." She stared at little Judith over Beth's shoulder before looking at Beth. "Beautiful."

"Thanks," Beth said shyly.

"How are you feeling?" Sasha questioned. It suddenly clicked into place at what Sasha was getting at. She thought Judith was Beth's!

Beth turned to stare at the woman with a confused look on her face before her eyes widened in realization, just like mine had. "She's not mine."

"Where's her mother?" Sasha asked turning to look at all of us. Her eyes landed on my dirty and tired form, seeing as I was still recovering from being locked in that cell. Even though it feels like days since Daryl found me, it'd really only been less than 24 hours and I was still feeling the effects.

I shook my head answering her question. "I'm not her mother either. She, uh," I looked down feeling slightly uncomfortable telling this stranger about Lori's death. Though I didn't need to say anything else as Sasha mumbled her apology.  

"Man, you people have been through the mill."

"Haven't we all?"

"It's only getting worse out there. Dead everywhere. And it's only making the living less like the living." Tyrese explained.

"You're the only decent folks we've come across," Sasha said as she gladly accepted a bowl of food from Axel.

"You've been out there all this time?"

"Our neighbor, Jerry, was one of those survivalists nuts. Everybody on the block thought he was crazy. Always preparing for the end of the world."

"Who knew?" Hershel said, trying a bit at humor, but it didn't work.

"Jerry knew. He had a bunker under his shed in the backyard. Sasha and I stayed there until we ran out of supplies. Allen and Ben were the first two people we ran into when we finally crawled up out of that hole around Jacksonville. Used to be a bunch of us; 25 at one point." Tyrese explained.

"Our camp was overrun six, seven weeks ago," Sasha filled in.

"And-and Donna, she, uh..." Tyrese looked down, unable to make eye contact clearly sadden by his friend death.

"We'll see to it that she has a proper burial." Hershel said, feeling for the man and his group.

"I appreciate you taking care of us. For a while, we didn't know who were dealing with." Tyrese said, thanking us.

"Neither did we. We've had our problems with people."

"I must be the first brother in history to break into prison."

The corner of my lips twisted up into a smile at Tyrese. I felt for his group; I truly did.

"Makes me the first white boy that didn't want to break out," Axel joked handing over a bowl of food to Tyrese.

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