Chapter 3, Ghost Town?!

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"So where are you taking me?" Lucy had a fake smile on....she felt something wasn't right but couldn't tell what it was.
"To a restaurant. Maybe we can talk and get to know each other better." He smiled as his hand drew closer to hers. He then took her hand and held it gently. Lucy didn't notice, she was so deep in thought. But Sting didn't notice anything wrong with her.
After about 30 minutes they were sitting at their table, laughing, talking, and having a great time. Lucy forgot what was bothering her and kept having fun, laughing and talking with Sting.
Meanwhile Natsu was on his way to a job with Lisanna, Mira, and Elfman. Natsu was anxious to know why he was feeling the way he did. He wanted to know if he really like Lucy or not. But first he had to get this job over with so he could hurry back. But Lisanna was acting strange, she kept blushing for some unknown reason.
"I'm glad you decided to come with us Natsu." Lisanna said smiling at him.
"Yeah." He smiled back almost looking like he was going to puke.
"Oh. Looks like we're here." Mira said.
"Finally!....What are we after anyways?" Natsu asked.
"There's a so called demon bandit controlling a town. The townspeople are fearing their lives. They say that he takes all of the beautiful women and locks them away somewhere. No one has heard from them, if they're still alive, or anything. As for the men...some are being controlled by a special drug. We have to be careful who we trust. Main objective is to find the leader, the girls, and also the antidote to the drug." Mira explained.
"Seems pretty complicated." Natsu says kind of interested.
"It does. And it probably is. But you have to be MAN about it." Elfman says all hyped.
"I guess." Natsu said getting off the carriage. "Woah... Look at this place. It's huge!"
"Aye. But it's completely empty almost, Natsu." Happy says flying up next to him.
"It almost seems like a ghost town, if you don't know the situation." Said Lisanna.
"Almost...." Natsu said a little worriedly.
"Are you guys from the guild that's going to save our town?!" A young woman in a hood came up to them, almost out of breath.
"Yeah. Are you a resident of this town?" Asked Mira.
"Yes," she looked up and took of her hood. "My name is Shira." She then bowed. "Please save my town from it's wretched fate. Save my people from the bandit Onigami. I beg of you."
"Well help you for sure," Mira said. "You don't have to bow, we'll do everything in our power to help your people. I promise."

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