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Jenny and Gibbs spent a couple more minutes in the elevator while he comforted her. They would have spent more time but the clock was ticking.

They existed the elevator and went to the bullpen where Tony, McGee, Ziva, and Fornell were. They looked concerned and worry. More than they were before.

"What's going on?" asked Gibbs.

"Uh, well, Boss-" Tony got cut off.

"What's wrong?" Jenny asked beginning to worry. "Tell us!"

"While you two were gone Gibbs' desk phone rang. I answered not thinking anything of it and..."

"And what DiNozzo?" Gibbs had that tone in his voice. You never mess with that tone.

"It was the kidnapper."

The others thought it would be best to come from Tony. Gibbs and Tony were close. Tony and Jenny had become rather close too while she had him on that undercover mission. Best to hear news like this from someone like that.

"What did he say?"

"He wanted to talk to both of you. When I told him we had to find both of you he didn't like that. When he didn't get what he wanted. He...uh."

"Spit it out, DiNozzo!" Yelled Jenny.

"I heard a gun shot followed by a girls scream. I'm sorry."

Jenny put her hand on her mouth.

Gibbs put his hand on her shoulder to confort her.

Tony continues. "He shortened our time. We only have 40 minutes left. He also changed the plan. Jenny has to go to the Old Ford warehouse by herself. If they see anyone following they will kill her and the kids immediately. You and the rest of the team has to go to the warehouse we were at before. Oh, he also said no bugs, cameras, or trackers. Those will be detected at once."

Jenny immediately took the brooch off, let her hair down taking the bug and tracker out. She put her hair in a simple pony tail.

"Your not going alone." said Gibbs.

"Obviously I am." Jenny argued.

"They are playing you. They know you will do anything to get the kids back."

"They are right. They want me to go alone then ill go. We are standing here wasting time! We need to go."

"Jen, I can't let you do this."

"This is my decision, Jethro, my choice. I don't care what you say right now! I just want the kids safe and sound!"

"Not at the cost of you. Your way to important to the kids and....to me."

"I'm doing this and your not stopping me. Now if you will excuse me. I have somewhere to be." Jenny turned to walk away then she turned back. "See you later. You can count on that." Jenny turned back around and left. She had a little farther to go than they did.

When Jenny got to the car she put on the bullet prove vest, got in the car and drove off.

The team, Gibbs and Fornell went down to their cars and got ready.

Jenny pulled up to the place right as time was up. She got out of the car and held her gun in her right hand. She didn't see anyone. She began to clear the building. Jenny came to a room full of computers. She searched it for bad guys but no one was there. She walked up to one of the computers. She hit the spacebar to light up the screen. The screensaver on the lockscreen shocked her. She looked around for piece of note paper with handwriting on that. She found one. She recognized the handwriting. She became furious towards the owner of the handwriting. She needed to focus in the task at hand though. She set her gun down and sat at the computer. She typed a password into computer. The account unlocked. Whoever was here left in a hurry they left something on the screen. Jenny read through what was on the screen. It was a letter to her... It was lect there on purpose.

Suddenly the door to the room shut! Jenny ran to it. She couldn't get it open. It felt like it was magnetically locked. How was she suppose to get out of this? Then, it came to her. Fry the system like a burnt french fry. But how? Jenny began to look through everything. She had to get out to help the ones she loved.

About five minutes later Jenny found jumper cables. She got on a desk and took out one of the light bulbs in the ceiling. She hooked up one end to the light socket. Then, walked over to the computer memory stacks. She looked away and hooked it up. It started to spirk. Jenny backed away. The computer and all the lights went out. She did it!

Jenny grabbed her gun, ran to the car and put her foot on the gas as hard as she could.

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