* Chapter Two *

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/Ashley P.O.V/

" Ash baby wake up " I feel a kiss on my shoulder I groan crooking my head to the pillow

" Baby .. , Wake up " I groan and turn around Jason was holding a tray of food

" Morning " He say playfully I smiled and sit straight I rub my eyes and pull the sheet higher

" Morning " I say lazily Jason put the tray a side he sat on the edge of bed He pull me on his lap I hold the sheet firmly

" Youre tired baby ? , " He ask kissing my messy hair I hum and crook my head to his chest

" Your hungry ? , " He ask stroking my hair I look at him and nod my head

" Did you made this for me ? " I ask looking all the food he made He hum wrapping his arms around my waist

" Thank you , Did made breakfast for yourself or nah ?  " I ask picking a strip of bacon

" No , " He say from behind I chuckle and turn around I put the bacon to his mouth and kiss his cheek

" We can eat this I cant eat all of this Im going to be  fat " I say pouting He chuckle and look at me

" Your not going to be fat baby " He say kissing my shoulder I sit on my bed and start eating with Jason

" Im done , " I say putting the pork down I sat for awhile watching Jason eating

" So tonight me and The boys going to a Mission " He say eating strip of bacon

" Again ? Youre going to leave me here alone ?  " I ask looking at him

" Dont worry Acacia and Mia will go here tonight  " He reply I noddded   Acacia and Mia is the strongest and the smartest girls in the gang so I have trust on them He stood up He turn around I gasp

" Jason wait , " I say standng I scan his back There was a few scratch

" Did I do this ? " I say running my fingers on the scratch I could feel He tensed

" Sorry " I whisper kissing his back He turn around and kiss my nose

" Hey there's nothing to be sorry " He say smilling I smile I walk to the bathroom

I wash my body brush my teeth I put my hair in a messy bun I change into a loose sweater and gray leggings

I leave the bathroom I put my flipflops and walk downstairs I walk towards the kitchen I saw the boys Nick , Mathew , James , Christian and Greg

" Jason Faster , Hmmm " Nick teased me I know they heard us

" Jason harder " Christian added hugging Nick Mathew burst into a laugh

" What going on here ? " Jason burst into the kitchen He kiss my forehead

" Morning boys " He say highfiving with the voice Jason smack Nick and Christian playfully on their shoulder

" If you tease Ashley one more your dead boys " Jason warn I stuck my tongue out looking to them

" If you need us were just in the basement , Me and the boys are going ready for tonight " He say kissing my forehead I smile and peck his lips

" Jason Can I invite a friend " I ask him wrapping my arms around him He nod his head and headed into the basement

I smile I call Zayn and Niall  I sat on the couch waiting for them Then door bell rung I smile and open the door I hug Zayn then Niall

" Hey baby " Niall wink playfully I laugh and open the door wider for let them in

" So what were going to do ? " Zayn ask looking around

" Let's watch movie " I say jumping up and down

" In the morning ? " Zayn ask chuckle I pout

" Okay , Okay " He sight I smile and sat on the couch We watch movie until Zayn's phone ring

" I would like to stay but There was a emergency Im sorry Ash " He say looking at me

" No It' s fine " I say standing up I hug him and He say goodbye's to us And drove to their house

" So you and just me now " Niall say walking towards me smirking

" I guess so " I say walking on the couch awkwardly He sat beside me He face was super close on mine

" I want to do this in a long time " He say smashing his lips on mine I try to push him but he was too strong

" Uuuhmmm ... " I heard a voice from behind Niall pull his lips He smirk and wink at me

" J..a.ce u..u..mm " I shuttured looking at Jason He shake his head and walk upstairs

" Jace wait " I say ran to him But he continue walking

" Jace let me explain " I say grabbing his shoulder He turn around and slap me He grab my forearm

" For right now youre sleeping on the basement Dont go out if I say so Christian will give your food down there If I say so " He say dragging me down the basement He throw me on the dusty bed and locked the door

" I didnt kiss ... him , I didnt kiss ... him " I say between my sobb I cover my face of my hands shaking my head

" I didnt kiss him " I whisper and closed my eyes maybe I deserve this


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