Chapter 23

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After something roared we heard more heavy footsteps but could see nothing. All for one raised his hand and shot a flare into the sky which illuminated the area allowing us to see what made that roar. It was a monster with a lion or tiger like pose, it had dark purple scales on most of its body, it also had bone like plating on its back. It also had a tail with a spear like tip at the end. One just like izuku's.

"I-Izuku" shoto and momo looked at me surprised and then back at Izuku

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"I-Izuku" shoto and momo looked at me surprised and then back at Izuku. He roared again as wisps of purple flames appeared around him. I heard running and looked over to see uncle enji and cousin touya running towards us. "You three need to get out of here" Enji said. "No I need to help Izuku". "You'll just get in the way now come on" touya said. It was no use arguing so we reluctantly followed them, and deep down I knew I would just get in the way. (Listen to this)


I made an explosion to launch myself at all for one who shot an air cannon at me but it did nothing. He jumped out of the way last second but I made an explosion as I hit the ground knocking him back. He then shot me with a powered up air cannon but it only tickled. I lunged at all for one And pinned him to the ground. "Force quick activation" he said before I felt something stab me in the stomach.

I roared out in pain as more and more flames appeared around me. The spear at the top of my tail changed into a trident like shape. The spikes on my back went up and so did the blades on my front legs. My fangs also unfolded. (Hr looks like an enraged magnamalo) "If I'm going down I'm taking the whole city with me" all for one states. I glance around, most of the city is in ruins so what more is there to destroy. Then I realized something 'he's turning me into a bomb. He made it so I constantly making more and more flames, so I'll use that to my advantage'

I conjured a bunch of flames around the blades on my front legs making them look like two giant pink flaming swords. 'HAUNTED BLADES' I yelled in my head As I lunged forward spinning. The blades cut through the ground as if it was nothing as I made it closer to all for one. All for one raised his hand and unleashed a wave of flames pushing me back. I created some explosions behind me launching me through the flames. All for one lunged out of the way of my attack but was still hurt by the flames.

"I figured out the perfect combination of quicks to stop you" all for one announced as his right arm carved up air cannon and a ball of water formed in the palm of his hand. "Air cannon, hydro cannon, thunder wave, And sonic burst". As all for one charged up his attack I gathered lots of fire in my mouth for an attack. All for one fired his attack and it looked like a fire hydrant when it shoots out water just it 5 times the size and it's electrified. I then fire my attack 'VENGEFUL INFERNO'.

I opened my mouth and shot out a massive amount of flames that quickly overpowered all for one's attack. The flames pushed him back and embedded his into some rubble. The flames kept going for about another 20 seconds until I stopped. I looked at all for one and his entire body was scorched from head to toe with only a few parts of his suit still in contact. I started to hear clapping and it eventually grew and people started cheering as well. And the last thing I heard before blacking out was toshinori saying "good job son".


I heard the beeping of something but all I could see was black. I opened my eyes and saw I was in a room with minimal lighting and a heart rate monitor attached to me. I thought the heart rate monitor was small until I realized I was still in my monster form. 'How long was I out for' I asked oni. 'About a week'. 'WHAT, how can you say that so casually'. 'Because I can, and someone is coming'. I looked over to the door in the corner as it opened. It was dadzawa with nezu on his shoulder. "It's nice to see that you're awake problem child but can you turn back to normal" aizawa asked.

I bided my head before my body started to shrink down. I stood up in my human form "so what happened while I was out" I asked. "UA students got out in dorms and that's about it" nezu said. "All your stuff is in boxes in your room so you can put your stuff where you want it" aizawa said. I then followed them out of the room to a car waiting out side.


The car pulled up in front of the class 1-A dorms and as soon as I saw it I knew something chaotic was going to happen. I opened the doors quietly so no one could hear me. The bakugou's were cooking something, sero, Mina, kirishima, and kaminari were playing Mario cart, and Hitoshi was playing checkers with eri and horribly loosing, and everyone else was somewhere. 

I quietly walked up behind Hitoshi "man you suck". Everyone's head snapped to look at me, some so fast they may have broken their neck. "NIICHAAN" eri yelled before literally jumping on me. I was then swarmed by everyone in the lobby area. "Hey everyone, midoriya's back!!!" Kirishima yelled up the stairs. Soon more and more people started coming down the stairs.

After a while everyone welcomed me back. (minus Izumi and friends who were standing off to the side) I was about to walk up to my room until "h-hey niichaan, can we talk". I turn around and see Izumi and her friends. "I'm not your brother Izumi. Now what do you want" I say starting to get mad. "W-we just wanted to say t-that we're sorry". I looked at their faces and they seemed pretty upset but a little sorry and sad expressions won't work on me except if eri was the one doing it. "I'll never forgive you, never in a million years. Now leave me alone" I say before walking up to my room with eri.



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