Jeffree Star concert

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Ohmyglob it's been soooo long since I last posted I feel horrible I'm soo sorry guys!! I promise to post more! I love you guys (rape sloth) seriously though there are 80 people reading this I thought is get like two.. ILY BABES!! Ok sorry, back to the story!


I woke up to a loud bang sound. I slowly got up and walked down stairs to see what happened. Jayy was cooking breakfast and all the pans and pots were scattered on the floor.

"Shit" he muttered

"Need help" he jumped, he probably didn't hear me come down.

"Oh um yea sure." We picked all of them up and washed them.

We made breakfast and Jayy went to work. He worked at a store in the mall I think hot topic? Or Spencer's.

It was really nice out side, warm and sunny. I walk down to the park me and Jayy meet at. I sat under it writing lyrics.

'You broke my heart

You broke my bones

Why don't you break everything I own'

"Boo!" Someone yelled as they grabbed my shoulder. I scream as loud as I could. I look at the person who grabbed me.

"Jayy what the fuck!" He was on the ground laughing

"Omg that was good!"

"No go away!"

"Rawr, someone's upset. Guess what?!?" Jayy squeaked

"What?" I sighed

"I got us two tickets for Jeffree stars concert. Front row and back stage passes!"

"No fucking way! Seriously! Ohmygod I love you" I tackled him in a hug and kissed his cheek earning a "ewww" from Jayy.

It was the day of the concert, I was freaking out if we didn't go soon I'd have a heart attack. This was my first concert and I was so excited.

"Dude slow down! To many of those and you'll pass out!" Jayy yelled at after I open my third monster.

"It's only three!" I said chugging the third down. Jayy came over and tried to pull it away. He took it and I licked his arm, grabbing my monster and hissing at him and chugging the rest down. Jayy just stood there dumbfounded.

"You need help"

"And you need to never touch my monster!" I hissed again.

I ran to the bathroom upstairs. I did my usual makeup routine, foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. I straightened my long pink hair which was fading. Ill have Jayy fix it later.

I went to the closet I just moved into, I grabbed my tight spiky jeans and my pink Jeffree star shirt that had a sucker on it saying blow me. I ran down stairs to the car. Jayy came running after me.

"Noo you are not driving!" Jayy yelled at me

"But I'm sixteen!"

"Yea a sixteen year old without a drivers license and probably drunk on monster, I know how you get after three of those"

I threw the keys at him and climbed in the other side.

"Concert time Beochhh!" and we were off.

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