Chapter 1

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I sighed as I walked through the crowded side walk towards the Cozy Coffee, a cute little coffee shop on the corner of 3rd Street that I loved going to when the boardwalk got too windy.

Many of my online friends were jealous of how close I lived to the beach, my house one block away from it, and I understood why. I loved it here. I loved the salty smell of the ocean, I loved spending nights at the boardwalk, and visiting the Cozy Coffee.

As I walked, I kept my eyes on the pavement. I was extremely short and fairly thin, which helped me move through the crowded sidewalk easily.

Suddenly, I felt my body slam into someone and I fell over, landing hard on my backside.

"O-Oh my god, I'm so so sorry... I'm such a klutz."

I quickly apologized as I looked up, my eyes immediatly meeting another pair of eyes that were a beautiful milky brown. They were the eyes of a fairly tall, thin but muscular man with wavy brown hair.

He smiled down softly at me and helped me up. Damn he was tall, the top of my head only reached his shoulder. And he was attractive, extremely attractive. I stared at him and he chuckled, his voice low and raspy. Just hearing it made a knot form in my stomach.

"It's fine. Are you alright baby girl?"

I pressed my legs together at the name he had given me and I nodded. "Yes, I'm alright sir."

He smiled and shook his head. "What's your name baby girl, and where were you headed when I so rudely interrupted?"

A giggle burst out of my mouth, shocking myself slightly. "I-It's um, It's Abelie. Abelie Mazzitoni. And I was headed to the Cozy Coffee."

He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at me, causing my cheeks to flush. "An Italian, cute. I was actually just headed there, would you like to come with me baby girl?"

"But you haven't-" I started but he cut me off. "It's Kyler Stern baby, don't worry." He took my hand and squeezed it lightly, pulling me in the direction of the little coffee shop I loved so much.

Who is this guy? I wondered. Is this even normal? We just met and he's practically inviting me on a date AND he keeps calling me baby girl.

"Hey princess?" I heard his deep, rough voice call for me, the way it sounded making my stomach flutter. "Will you call me daddy?"

AND he wants me to call him daddy? Who the hell does this guy think he is?

"Mmm... okay daddy." I was a bit shocked at how I had responded so quickly, but then I realized as I felt a wave of submission settle over me, that it just felt right.

He smiled at me and I felt my cheeks heat up when he placed a kiss on the top of my head before continuing to pull me towards the coffe shop.

I like him. I thought. And daddy seems appropriete. He's daddy. He's my daddy.

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