Chapter 1

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Glasses.. Big, fat, ugly, glasses, that were taking over half of my face.


Great. They fell off my tiny head. I felt my teacher's death glare boring into me including all of the others student's stares, as we were taking our end of the year exam.
My teacher stomped over to me.

"I'm taking you home after school today, so I can give your parents money for contacts."

She than forced me to type in the passcode to my phone, so she could text my mom not to come and pick me up. It didn't sound anything like me. If there were phones in the mid-17 hundreds, it would've been understandable.


My dearest mother,
My dear, sweet teacher is going to take me home. So don't bother coming to collect me from the Temple of Education.

Love, Emma Everdeen.

Mom: Uhhh.. Okayyyy. See you later hon! Xoxo.

End of conversation.

Oh my gosh!

Shoot me now! I could hear snickers coming from across the room. Typical 10th graders.

Stupid English Teacher!!!

(A/N) Sorry most of the writing is in italics, wattpad is being weird and I had to rewrite this chapter two times before. I'll try to make it normal for the rest of the book!

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