Well guys, I have started on the sequel and I'm proud to say that it is up. So far it has 22 reads and I'm very ecstatic about that.

The book is called The Bermuda Triangle... and it's about the boys and Katy... going to the Bermuda Triangle... On a ship... In the almost middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

I hope that you enjoy it and vote/ comment/ fan me.

Im am sad to say but this is the last author's note on this book. thank you to anyone and everyone who has taken their time to read this. i have originlly made this just for fun. i didnt intend for this book to be put on a website and read. i thought that even if i put it onto wattpad, nobody would read it... but thank you for reading, voting, and fanning / commenting. it really means a lot.

so for the last time...





-Carly Marie

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