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"So, maybe I do like Eddie."

THUNDER BOOMED FROM the sky above, Nancy, Robin and Fiona were all walking together whereas Eddie and Steve were walking a bit behind.

"Couldn't we have tried a road, or something just slightly less creepy?" Robin asked Nancy as they walked through the darkness of the woods.

"Yeah, that would have been a better idea." Fiona agreed with the blonde woman. "I think we're getting close. We're almost out of here. Don't worry about it." Nancy told the two girls who just looked around the creepy place.

"Bit late for that." Fiona mumbled, accidentally stumbling a bit. "So, uh, Steve?" Robin asked the Wheeler girl who just stared at her confused.

"Oh, come on, don't be dumb. We can all see it." Fiona teased the girl with a grin making Nancy shake her head. "Whatever you're thinking, it's wrong." Nancy told them making the two girls chuckle.

"Yeah, sure." Fiona said with a smirk, Nancy rolling her eyes at the dark-haired girl. "You can't be saying much." Nancy told the girl, Fiona furrowing her brows at the girl's response.


"You and Eddie? Come on now." Nancy told the girl making her scoff. "She's not wrong." Robin shrugged, now agreeing with Nancy.

"So you're on her side now?" Fiona asked jokingly making Robin grin. "We all saw the little kiss on the cheek." Robin informed the girl making her awkwardly clear her throat.

"Kiss on the cheek? What kiss on the cheek?" Fiona asked, although she knew what kiss on the cheek she was talking about. "Oh, come on, don't act dumb. We all see it." Nancy quoted what the girl had said to her earlier.

"Okay. So, maybe I do like Eddie. What about it?" Fiona finally admitted with a shrug. "It's not like he would like me back anyways." The girl sighed, looking over at the two girls beside her.

"He kissed you on the cheek. Why wouldn't he like you?" Robin asked the girl making her chuckle. "Why would he."

"You may not see it yet, but he does. Don't doubt it for a second." Nancy told the girl making her nod her head before they continued walking in silence.

Little did Fiona know, the long-haired boy behind her felt the same way.

Fiona fell to the ground as the concrete underneath her feet shook. "Not again." Fiona groaned, looking back at the two boys behind her to make sure they were okay.

"Okay, second on my list of least favourite things, earthquakes. Seriously, I'm unsteady enough as it is." Robin told the two girls as she fell back into a tree.

"This is so fucking stupid." Fiona yelled, accidentally falling back and hitting her head off the ground causing her to loud out a loud groan of pain.

"Nancy!" Robin yelled, catching Fi's attention who now watched from the ground as Nancy walked away.

"Hey, Nancy! Get back!" Fiona yelled as she attempted to stand up only to fall back down. "Where are you going?" Robin yelled after the girl but didn't get any response as the Wheeler girl walked further away.

Fiona stumbled up after a few times of trying and slowly walked over to Steve and Eddie who had crashed onto the floor. "Get up." Fiona told Steve, slightly kicking him in the legs.

Fiona grabbed a hold of Eddie's hands and pulled the boy up careful not to fall down. A few seconds later, the shaking and rumbling had stopped and three immediately made their way over to Nancy.

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