I am Eleonora Valentino daughter of the great Anastasia and Leon Valentino

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"Welcome back boss lady," Carter said as we walked into the room where the new and some old recruits were

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"Welcome back boss lady," Carter said as we walked into the room where the new and some old recruits were.

I gave him a small smile before looking at the large group. My eyes roamed each face as they looked at me.

"Everyone this is the big boss, Eleonora Valentino" he announced and I took my sunglasses off.

"A woman?" someone asked.

It was a guy

I raised one of my perfectly shaped eyebrows as I tilt my head to the side.

"You're telling me I'm going to be taking orders from a fucking woman. No way I'm doing that" the same person said

"Sweetheart shouldn't you be cleaning after someone or doing something in the kitchen" the man standing next to him said.

Some of the old recruits I knew started moving away from the two guys. The others followed as I pulled out my gun.

"That wasn't smart," Carter said as I took the safety off my gun.

Not smart at all

"Wait we didn't-"

Shooting both men in the head, their blood painted the walls and ground. Their bodies fell to the ground as most of the recruits stared at them.

"Does anyone feels like a woman can't be the boss of them?" I asked while looking around.

"Anyone?" I asked

"No ma'am"

"No Regina"

There was a mixture of both answers throughout the room.

"Good," I said before handing my gun over to Chris.

There's nothing I hate more than sexism

All women and men are equal in my eyes.

I brushed away the imaginary dust from my hands and stepped forward.

"I can be scary if you get on my bad side but you're allowed to smile and act normal in front of me. So please get rid of the straight faces" I said and some of them seem more relaxed.

I need their respect and corporation not them to be scared of me

"Carter," I said and he stepped forward.

"What do you have for me?" I asked

"Nothing but the best," he said and I smiled at the new faces.

"I like the sound of that," I said.


"Your body is tense," I said to the woman who just lost the second fighting round to Carter.

She's the only person he has a problem with fighting. She's holding back a lot.

"I'm sorry Regina," she said nervously.

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