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One month later...

Colton was expelled. I ended it. Snape found him beating me, and I've never been so happy to see Snape.

Currently I was sitting in the astronomy tower, I wanted to be alone.

"I've never seen you up here," Draco turned from the railing.

"I never got the chance," I said quietly, walking to the side of him and hugging him. He tensed. "Thanks you."

"For what?" He was confused.

I sat down, and hung my feet off the edge. He did the same.

"The night before I ended everything, I had a dream that you called him out of everything he did to me. When I woke up, I realized how much he hurt me. How much everyone else hated me with him. I know you really didn't do anything, but dreaming about a friend actually caring enough to call him out gave me courage," I told him and looked down.

"Well I'm flattered that you had a dream about me," he laughed.

"You're actually really nice to be around, Draco," I admitted.

He looked down sadly and shrugged, "I gave up on trying to hide it."

I grabbed his hand, a friendly gesture, "I don't care what you are, you know?"

"How do you know?"

"I figured it out when you came back to school wearing a black suit, always have your arm covered, sneaking into the room of requirement, and in a mood. I'm not that stupid for a Hufflepuff," I joked.

"You're honestly the only Hufflepuff I'll ever tolerate," he laughed.

I stared out into the forbidden forest, the moon was bright and the stars twinkled. I thought about the way my father and I used to go stargazing when my sister was still a baby. She never got to experience stargazing with dad. Then it was me, her, and mum, until this summer. Mum got sick, and she perished quickly.

I now had sole custody of Emilia, at 17. I was an adult in the Wizarding World, and it isn't like Emilia can't fend for herself, she's 12.

"Why are you kind to me?" I look at Draco, who was already looking at me.

"Because you deserve to be treated the way you treat everyone."


The next day, Draco and I walked to Potions together, and he chose to be my partner for the rest of the year.

I got some looks, I usually do, but these were different. Almost humorous. They snickered and pointed.

"Why are people looking at me like that?" I whispered.

Draco saw a group of boys point at a picture and then at me and laugh. He walked over and snatched the picture and ripped it.

"You're sick if you think this is funny," he spat at the group of fourth years.

She's a whore.
I would've done more.
Probably pregnant.
Malfoy's next play thing.

I ran through the hall as whispers spread through the air.

"Ms. Evans, come with me," McGonagall stopped me.

I followed, concerned.

"Professor why is everyone laughing and pointing?" I asked, my voice was trembling from anxiety.

"You aren't aware of the photos hung around the halls?" She asked, curiously.

"What photos?" I looked at her confused.
She slid over a stack of images of me nude, unconscious, or posed. Images he took. Images he forced me to pose for as a knife was pointed at me.

I'm not sure if it was emotion, embarrassment, humiliation, or a mix of everything, but I grabbed the trash bin and vomited.

I sobbed as everything I had worked so hard to get rid of, was now all over the school.

"You have to get rid of them!" I cried desperately.

"Elliotte, you have to swear you knew nothing about this," Minerva spoke firmly.

"No! The only ones I kn-new existed were the ones I was cons-scious. He had a knife at my—my back. I... I thought I burned them all," I sobbed into my hands.

"Who would have access to those photos, other than him?" She asked, sitting with me to try and calm me down.

"I don't know," I whispered, wiping my tears.

"I would like you to stay in your dorm for the rest of the day. I will have Professor Sprout escort you while the school is in class. Hannah will be there shortly to stay with you," McGonagall said, sending a patronus to Sprout.

I just hugged her. She was like a grandmother. "T-thank you."

She smiled and rubbed my back, but stood as Emilia ran in.

"Professor, Draco Malfoy is beating up some fifth year," she panicked.

"Stay here," McGonagall pointed to me and quickly walked to the corridor.

"Ellie, I don't believe anyone who says that you put them up or that they were willingly taken," Emilia hugged me.

I nodded and kissed the top of her head, "I'm sorry you have to put up with me and my shit."

"I wouldn't have anything if I didn't have to deal with you, Ellie," she hugged me tighter.

"I love you, Emmy," i told my little sister.

"I love you too, Ellie," she replied.

Draco was dragged in by the ear, Snape pulling him. Another boy was escorted by McGonagall.

"Nice tits!" The fifth year smirked, earning himself a wack to the head by Minerva.

"Mr. West, may I give you a word of advice? Silence might be your best option here," Snape scolded the boy and he immediately shut his mouth.

"Malfoy, what is the meaning of this behavior?" McGonagall asked Draco, who was looking at me worriedly.

Before he could answer, Professor Sprout was guiding me to the Hufflepuff dorms.


3rd person.

Minerva stood at the front of the great hall. Dinner want not served, students were intimidated.

"It's has come to my attention the welfare of your own peers is not a concern. The behavior I witnessed from most of the school disgusts me, as well as every member of the staff. How dare you put up images of another student in their most vulnerable state? In a state where no consent was given?
I'm here to show you the effect it has," Minerva spoke, most people now silent and scared.

"Stand up if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted." A few people laughed and muttered this was stupid. 

Most of the great hall stood, as other stopped laughing.

"Stand up if you or someone you know is traumatized by that event."
All the stood, remained standing.

"Remain standing if the even was reported." Only around 5 remained up.

"You May sit. Now to everyone who caused that poor girl trouble today, I am ashamed. Assault, abuse, rape, whatever it is, is not something to joke about. I will be starting a SAVAR club. SAVAR stands for Students Against Violence, Assault, and Rape. Our first meeting will be held in the transfiguration classroom tonight at 8:45. If you are interested, please join.

I hope all of you will find it in your hearts to think about the hurt you have caused your classmate."

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