Custom HellFire Shirt: Eddie Munson

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No understood how you and Eddie were dating. He was a metalhead, a nerd, and deemed to be this scary guy while you were this girly girl who was a cheerleader and was practically sunshine. You and Eddie had been friends but not close friends before you started dating, which surprised a lot of people but it turned out that you and he had a lot in common despite being complete opposites and Eddie wasn't a scary guy in fact a complete sweetheart. 

Eddie sighed as he couldn't find his hellfire shirt not sure where he put it that was until he walked to the living room and saw you wearing it while flipping through the latest issue of Teen Vogue laying on the couch. 

"Excuse me I think you have something of mine." He said lifting your legs and taking a seat with them in his lap. 

"Oh yeah, what's that?" You asked setting your magazine down and looking at him with a smile on your face. 

"This much as I love seeing you in it, I'm gonna need it back." He said tugging on the hem of the shirt making you giggle.

"Well maybe if I had one of my own, I wouldn't have to steal yours all the time." You said. 

"Sweetheart...." He started to say making you roll your eyes. 

"Bubs please don't start that....I don't care about what people are going to say, I'm practically a member of the club at this point and I want to support my boyfriend but I understand." You said sadly as climbed off of couch to find something to change into. 

Meanwhile, Eddie sat on the couch thinking about what you said when an idea occurred to him. So for the next few days, Eddie worked very hard to make your own hellfire shirt while trying to keep it a surprise from you. He was finally finished with it and was ready to show you it though he was extremely nervous for you to see it. 

"Hi bubs, you said you had something to show me." You said placing a kiss on his lips. 

"Hi, sweetheart, I do. So do you remember our conversation about my hellfire shirt?" He asked as you nodded your head at him. 

"Well, I made you, your very own." He said handing you a pink shirt. 

You smiled as you unfolded the shirt and saw that it was in fact your very own hellfire shirt, making you smile as you threw your arms around him. 

"I love it so much! Thank you, Thank you!" You said prepping his face with kisses. 

"Your welcome sweetheart, do you like it?" He asked you. 

"Are you kidding? I love it, I'm never gonna take it off." You said smiling up at him. 

And true to your word, you went backstage and changed into it, and then the next day when Eddie came to pick you up, you were wearing it making him smile that you loved it that much. 

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