"We'll start a war since she wants one"

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"I thought you said you were hungry sis, why aren't you eating?" I asked Ariana

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"I thought you said you were hungry sis, why aren't you eating?" I asked Ariana.

She sat in front of me while glaring at me and Dimitri.

"I'm not eating until you guys apologize," she said while placing her fork down.

We both sighed before looking at dad and mom. They shrugged making us look at her.

"Apologize?" I asked

"Yes," she answered and I placed my fork down

"And for which indiscretion, because since lately there has been so many little one," I said

"You guys killed my boyfriend," she said

"Correction ex-boyfriend," Dimitri said and she glared at him

"Daddy they killed Zander, say something" she complained.

"W caught him cheating on you so I did exactly what I told him I would do if he should ever try to hurt you," I said

"What?" she asked and I sighed.

"You said you killed him because he disobeyed an order," she said


"You lied, we don't ever lie to each other," she said and I looked away.

"To protect you from the truth is some times worth lying because I don't want to see my little sister hurt," I said

"I'm an adult Lorenzo I don't need your protection from everything," she said

"Fine" I said while taking up my fork.

"Promise me you'll stop" she said

"I can't promise you I'll stop protecting you" I said and she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Mom" she said and I looked at mom

"Lorenzo just tell her what she wants to hear," mom said and I sighed.

"I promise, you happy now?" I asked

"Very, now apologize for killing that asshole without me," she said before picking up her own fork.

"Language" dad said

"I apologize," she said before playing her hand on his.

He nod and she looked back at us. "We are sorry for not letting you on the kill sis," Dimitri said and she nod


Happy sister equal happy life

"Anyways what are we going to do about Eleonora Valentino now that's she has returned," she asked

The Valentino family has taken over the position of being the number one mafia family in the entire world.

They were ruled by the one and only Eleonora Valentino.

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