chapter 1

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"Robin are you sure your ready for the life of a daycare owner?"

Robin smiled slight, a bit annoyed by her friend asking the same question for the fifth time. The daycare was on its first day open and she couldn't wait for the children to start coming.

"You worry too much Henry, besides your helping me aren't you?" He pouted.

"Yeah but kids are evil, I won't hesitate to destroy their young minds." He said, clearly enjoying the thought too much.

"You have a son yourself so don't go there," she barked.

"Yeah but Gerome is like his mother, he's so mature that I've gotten use to a smart kid."
"He even corrects me, it's horrible." He gave a fake shiver that caused Robin to roll her eyes.

"Your fault for letting him and Cherche spend two weeks at her mothers while you went to a work trip."

"Yeah, don't remind me, when they came back both of them started to lecture me."
She let out a snort at the memory.

She remembered the day like it was a bad punchline. Cherche alway had a reason to worry about her childish husband. It didn't take long for their son to pick up on his mothers way of thinking. Henry use to have a office job that kept him away from home too often for anyone's liking. It was just two months ago that I offered him a job with me so that he could see his family more. In Gerome's case, all day. Still, every day he gets attacked with a series of questions from the time he leaves to the time he gets home.
"Did you eat enough" Cherche asks him? "Did you sleep long enough" his young son asks only seconds later.
"Are you wearing clean clothes", "Did father work hard?"

He shuddered again. "Now I feel like the child."
Robin let a small laugh pass, though not without Henry giving her a look. He knew that they meant well, but it did make him feel like a child. "Don't worry, Cherche is just very happy that you can come home more." With that, a smile made its way to his face.

"Yeah, even though they act tough I know it's just because they miss me." He was right in that. Even though they had the tendency to act mature they did have a needy side. Still..

She looked at the smile he had on his face and couldn't hold back her own. He's very happy with his life, even if he tries to make it seem like a horror game.

Robin put the extra boxes down, taking a glance at the clock on the wall. "Anyway, the kids should be coming soon so we need to put the rest of the toys up,"
Robin says as she puts the pillows into a pile.
"How much work do we have left to do?" "The kids are going to come in another hour."

"Don't worry, it shouldn't take much time." Robin handed him a bag of toys. "Well, let's get to work then."

Little later:
When the last box was stacked both adults let out a sigh. Henry stretched out while Robin rubbed her back. Now that all the supplies were up they could rest easy that the kids would have everything they needed.

"Knock Knock." Neither had to look at the door to know who was there. Robin had a smile brought to her face when she did look up. "Hello Robin."
"Cherche, good morning!"

She walked in and a small boy followed behind her.
"Say hello to your aunt Robin, Gerome."
He walked up, still the ever shy boy. He gave a small bow.
"Good morning, Miss Grima."

"Good morning to you, Gerome," a laugh following as the boy shifted by his mothers side.

"Gerome, what's hanging little man?"
He smiled and ran up to Henry. "Father, good morning!"

Henry picked him up, ruffling his hair which made the young boy groan. Gerome always had his hair slicked back so whenever his father did that he had to ask his mother to fix it.
"Are you going to be a good boy today?" He asked his son after he stopped messing up his hair.
"Yes sir!" The little boy said, a serious expression on his face.
"Good, because I'll be here too."

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