The Dream Team

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You watched closely through Jin's eyes. He and Yoongi were hidden behind a pillar as they watched Elise try to fend off two guards.

Her hair was disheveled, mascara ruined and face beat and bruised.

"Come on! Bring it on!" She shouted

"Elise, do not make this harder than it needs to be." A guard said

"How much is she paying you? HUH? I'll triple it!" She tries to negotiate

The guards laugh, "The first witch doesn't have to pay us anything. We are made from her will. We will always do her bidding." One says as he begins to close in on a Elise.

She tries to fight because but she's not strong enough. Before you can think clearly, the sight of Elise, a woman being beaten by the guards like that throws you into a protective manner. You convince Jin to run out and tackle one of them.

"Fuck! Jin!" Yoongi whisper-yells before he too runs out and tackles the other guard.


After Ella explained to Namjoon, Hoseok, and your parents why they wouldn't be looking for you; it changed nothing.

"So let's take her home and figure out what to do there." Namjoon said quickly in a whisper

"It's not that simple. Have you ever met the first witch? No? I didn't think so. This isn't gonna be as easy as 'oh let's take her home and fix it'" Ella replied, quite annoyed as they followed her through the facility.

"You're a witch, the descendent of the first witch. What do you mean there's nothing you can do?"

"I am the descendant, not the first witch herself!" She whisper-yelled.

"This sounds like a load of—"

"Shush, do you hear that?"


As you watched through Jin's eyes you could hear voices coming near but Jin was too focused on making sure his face wasn't pummeled by one of the overly strong guards.

With one finally punch, the guard finally falls unconscious leaving Jin to fall to his knees to catch his breath.

"J—in" Yoongi strains to say

Jin instantly turns his head and hurries back to his feet, jumping onto the guards back and wrapping his arms tightly around his neck and his leg tightly around his waist.

"AHCK!" Jin shouts as the guard quickly releases Yoongi and throws himself into a wall, causing Jin to release from the pain of the wall meeting his own back.

Yoongi grabs his throat, catching his breath before he charges at the guard and tackles him to the ground.

"Hey! Get off my brother!" Yoongi hears a familiar voice shout

Suddenly, he's pulled from the guard landing on his bottom and Jungkook lands his own hard punch against the man's face, causing him to fall unconscious.

"Fuuuuuccck—" Jungkook whispers to himself as he holds his fist.

Yoongi looks up from his seated position and begins to chuckle, "I never thought I'd be so happy to see your stupid face."

Jungkook laughs before helping his elder brother up from the ground. Taehyung and Jimin helped Jin up.

They were all so caught up in each other that they hadn't noticed the remaining people.

Ella threw her hand up, immediately making Elise fly into a wall.

Ella increased her gravity hold to keep Elise against the wall.

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