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Defeat- the feeling of losing. The feeling of being crushed by the enemy.

I kept my head down as I walked in the halls. I wanted nothing to do with anyone. Harry had abandoned me in the middle of a fight. He left me out in the field with Greyback. He did unimaginable things that keep me up at night.

"Watch it, Mudblood," Malfoy said as he walked into me.

I didn't acknowledge him, which I guess infuriated him. He sent me a stinging hex to my leg and laughed.

I just walked to Colton's dorm.

"Where the fuck have you been?" He pushed me against the wall.

"Library, i lost track of time," I said quietly. He slapped me and grabbed my jaw.

"You're a fucking liar," he said and shoved me onto the bed.

I'd rather not go into detail of what he did, but just know he made me go sit in the common room with him and his friends while I held back tears from pain.

"Cecilia!" Colton snapped his fingers making me jump.

"S-sorry," I whispered, following him and the group to dinner.

"Ceci, we're going to the bathroom," Pansy waved me over to the group of girls. I went with them and stayed quiet.

Once we got into the bathroom, Pansy gives me some pain reliever, healing some injuries.

"Why do you stay with him?" Daphne asks, wiping my tears.

"I-I tried to leave... h-he hurt me worse," I mumbled.

Pansy and Daphne hugged me before linking arms with me and heading to the great hall. Pansy didn't want to risk a spell near my eye, so the bruising on my cheekbone is very visible.

Once we sit, Colton pulls me onto his lap, pulls my underwear to the side and shoved himself in me. I tried to not show the pain in my eyes, but Pansy had already seen it.

Draco even looked over. He looked pissed and disgusted.

"Ashby, not the place to abuse your girlfriend," Pansy said, not caring about her volume.

"She likes it, don't you baby," Colton asked me, rubbing my thighs.

I stayed silent and he squeezed my thigh hard until I agreed.

Eventually he became annoyed with me and pushed me off my lap and over to Pansy.

Draco hexed Colton immediately and he was knocked out. Most girls in the years below, above, and my own cheered.

"Mr. Malfoy! What is the meaning of this?" McGonagall scolded.

"He's an abuser, a rapist, and just an ass," Draco and Blaise told her.

"Stop," I told Draco and Blaise quietly.

"No!" Draco yelled and looked at me, making me flinch, "I'm done watching you terrified to speak up. You think everything is your fault if he cheats on you, if he hits you! I'm done watching you fall apart and not realize he's a monster!"

Pansy held me back from running after Colton, who was being taken to the hospital wing.

McGonagall brought me to her office and sat me down. She had a long discussion with me about my relationship.


I woke up in Colton's bed, it was a dream. Nobody saved me.

I snuck out and went to to my dorm in the Hufflepuff common room. I had my own dorm, which was nice.

I got dressed, using Glamour to hide the bruises, and went to my favorite spot in the courtyard.

I started sketching what I saw in front of me, the ravenclaws studying, Slytherins casting spells, Hufflepuff picking flowers and gossiping

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I started sketching what I saw in front of me, the ravenclaws studying, Slytherins casting spells, Hufflepuff picking flowers and gossiping. I sat alone.

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