Tris pov

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Caleb and my and my dad keep shooting me disapproving looks. God why can't they just accept that I'm Dauntless. I'm not the same girl I was when I left Abnegation, I've found who I truly am. My mom seems much more relaxed like she expected all of this. I guess she did since she was Dauntless. " Well I'm happy for you Six" my mom finally says. " You and Susan can call me Tris". "Thank you Tris" , Susan says. "Why can't we call you tris" my brother asks. "because you and Dad keep shooting me disapproving looks". They both rolled their eyes. "You guys are welcome to come to the party" Four says. Robert Susan and Caleb agree to go but my parents don't. Christina and the girls then decide if would be a good idea to barge in my apartment " Time to go shopping Tr- Six we only have three hours". " Fine Susan you can come I love you four". "I'll come", Susan says. "I love you to Six, Forever" four says. "And always" I scream while running out the door.

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